Can You Buy Gold in an IRA?

If you are considering investing in gold, it’s essential that you understand all your options. Unfortunately, the IRS does not permit individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to own collectibles such as gold.

However, you can get around this rule using a self-directed IRA. A gold IRA company can assist in opening an account and selecting metals.


Charles Schwab and Fidelity do not allow customers to invest directly in physical gold and silver via an IRA account, therefore if you want to buy gold through your retirement savings you will need to open a self-directed IRA (Roth or Traditional) from a company specializing in precious metals investments.

These companies will facilitate your rollover by arranging direct transfers between custodians. In addition, they will purchase and store your precious metals securely.

These companies typically charge annual fees to cover account maintenance, storage and insurance costs; as well as potentially charging markup fees on gold prices based on which metal type you select; additionally if taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) in kind as part of required minimum distributions (RMDs), shipping and insurance fees will likely apply as well.


As with traditional IRAs, gold and other precious metals carry with them certain fees associated with their purchase, storage and maintenance that may vary between companies. Dealers usually pass these on.

Physical investments require storage outside the home and require paying depository fees approved by the IRS. A depository typically offers either commingled storage (where precious metals are combined with other investors’ assets) or segregated storage, where all precious metals remain separate.

Gold prices often increase during times of economic instability, making them an appealing alternative to more risky stocks and bonds, offering retirement savings protection against market fluctuations. Before putting any of your retirement savings in a gold IRA, however, it’s essential that you understand its risks and benefits thoroughly and work with an established dealer with no high-pressure sales tactics.


If you are considering investing in gold IRAs, it’s essential that you understand all associated costs. These costs often include storage and insurance fees as well as costs from dealers to purchase and ship assets.

Your custodian may also require that you pay an annual account fee, which could either be a flat amount or percentage of the investment value. Since some dealers only work with specific custodians, do your research thoroughly before making your selection.

Rosland Capital stands out as one of the top providers, providing educational resources and customer support via telephone. They also have a free investor kit available and work with many leading IRA custodians; plus their initial purchase minimum of $2,000 is low and they offer buyback guarantees on precious metal products! However, their fees are somewhat higher than some competitors’ offerings.


Precious metals do not offer dividends or interest payments, yet are often seen as safe haven investments during times of economic instability. But it is important to keep in mind that precious metals don’t always appreciate in value as rapidly as stocks and bonds do.

As with other retirement accounts, gold IRAs are subject to contribution limits and penalties for early withdrawal. Furthermore, the IRS mandates that account holders take required minimum distributions from their retirement accounts at either age 70.5 or 72 (depending on when they were born).

Although many investors may prefer the physical security of a gold IRA investment, paper assets can still provide diversification benefits within an IRA account. These include investing in shares of gold-mining companies, exchange-traded funds that track gold indexes or precious metals commodity futures mutual funds – but keep in mind these investments do not trade on public stock exchanges and could be subject to theft and other possible risks.

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