Can You Buy Gold in an IRA Account?

Gold IRAs may provide an ideal haven during times of turmoil, yet their account fees tend to be more costly than more conventional IRAs.

These fees include annual storage and insurance costs as well as fees to open an account. Furthermore, precious metals may be difficult to liquidate.

Buying Precious Metals

As gold prices climbed this summer, investors witnessed much speculation surrounding investing in precious metals IRAs; however, it’s essential to remember that due to IRS regulations on collectibles not permitted within an IRA account.

Instead, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track precious metal prices like gold can offer tax-advantaged growth potential and higher annual fees than those charged by traditional or Roth IRAs. However, even this investment option has its drawbacks. You won’t receive tax breaks like those provided by an IRA account and associated storage and insurance costs could potentially outstrip those offered through ETFs.

If you want to diversify your retirement savings with gold, a self-directed IRA provides the ideal way to do so. Just make sure the company you deal with is trustworthy and has an outstanding track record in customer service; additionally, stay away from high pressure sales tactics or directives purporting to come from the IRS.

Buying ETFs

In these uncertain times, many consumers are taking a close look at their finances, including retirement savings and investments. Some individuals may decide to add gold as part of their overall portfolio by opening a precious metals IRA which allows for purchase of physical gold coins or bullion compliant with IRS rules. It is essential that those considering this option understand any additional fees that may come with opening one including an account setup fee, transaction fees annually as well as custodian and storage charges that can arise as they consider this investment option.

Normal IRAs allow only for investments in publicly-traded securities such as stocks and mutual funds; however, self-directed IRAs offer greater investment options, including physical gold or other precious metals in addition to traditional Wall Street assets. Such accounts must have an approved custodian in place who will manage these alternative assets on behalf of the IRS.

Buying Mutual Funds

Some investors opt to include physical precious metals in their IRA, which requires finding a custodian who meets IRS regulations and can purchase and store the metals on your behalf in an individual depository that’s separate from other investors’ precious metals.

Self-directed IRA accounts require more work and costs more than traditional ones; you typically face one-time setup fees as well as annual costs higher than what would be associated with traditional accounts.

Gold can serve many functions and is often seen as an economic safety net in times of turmoil. Unfortunately, however, investing in gold IRAs may not provide guaranteed earnings and has historically underperformed broad markets over time. If considering one as part of your retirement goals, make sure to speak to an adviser about all available options to determine whether a gold IRA would meet them.

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