Can You Buy Gold With a Traditional IRA?

Can you buy gold with a traditional IRA

IRS rules do not permit IRA holders to purchase physical precious metals directly. Instead, you need to establish a self-directed IRA with a custodian who specializes in precious metals as a safer method.

This type of IRA allows you to purchase physical gold coins and bullion, in addition to investing in ETFs, gold-focused mutual funds, or stock shares of gold mining companies.


Gold IRA companies typically charge fees for storage, insurance and other services. Furthermore, sales markups vary based on which metals you buy; thus it’s wise to compare providers before selecting a provider.

Investors should take note of taxes when withdrawing funds from their gold IRA accounts, since physical gold can be taxed at an IRS collectibles tax rate that could reach as high as 28% – this could determine how much money remains after retirement for enjoyment.

An SDIA offers an attractive tax-efficient option for investing in precious metals: without sales tax. As with all IRAs, contribution limits and penalties for early distributions before age 59 1/2 must still be observed and penalties assessed if any assets are distributed prior to that age limit. Also note that you cannot own physical bullion; instead you invest through stocks or ETFs that track gold indexes instead.


Gold and other precious metals have historically proven a secure investment during times of economic stress, yet they don’t come without risks. Along with initial setup fees, IRA owners may incur annual costs such as storage or insurance charges related to their metals holdings.

Establishing a precious metals-backed IRA requires working with three separate entities: a precious metals dealer, an IRA custodian and an approved depository. Each of these providers may charge one-time fees as part of setting up your account as well as per transaction costs that could add up over time – sometimes significantly so.

However, unlike stocks or mutual funds that generate dividends and interest payments through dividends and interest payments, physical gold does not offer such returns; thus IRA owners should carefully consider these factors when deciding what investments to buy and when.


Gold can provide an effective means of diversifying retirement portfolios, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Although precious metals offer added stability and provide some degree of diversification, keep in mind that they do not produce income and can be hard to liquidate quickly.

Precious metals may be eligible to be included in your IRA account if your custodian allows. You must work with a dealer that cooperates with your custodian in this endeavor and ensure the metal is properly insured and stored.

Retaining precious metals at home isn’t permitted and could incur additional taxes and penalties when taking required minimum distributions (RMDs). Instead, look for dealers associated with reputable IRA-approved depositories in order to reduce storage fees that you will owe. When investing in gold it’s wise to consult a financial expert first about your specific needs before making your final decision.


Gold has long been seen as an investment to provide protection during times of financial unease; however, its profitability can often prove low and its prices often higher than they should be.

To acquire physical precious metals, you’ll need a dealer specializing in the type of metal you plan on investing in as well as an IRS-approved custodian and depository that comply with storage standards. Keep in mind there may be fees associated with all three of these things so be sure to consider them into your budget before investing.

As stated by the IRS, physical gold cannot be stored within your home or personal safe. When taking out your required minimum distribution at age 72, your options for taking action could include liquidating it to receive cash payout or having it shipped directly. Shipping could prove more expensive.

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