Can You Buy Gold With a Traditional IRA?

There are numerous advantages associated with investing in physical gold. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the rules governing an IRA differ for this type of investment.

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) requires that precious metals are stored away from the home with a custodian and depository, making accessing short-term funds difficult.


Investment of precious metals within an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is an effective way to diversify your portfolio. However, investors should keep certain tax rules in mind. For example, the IRS limits precious metal investments to no more than 5-10% of overall retirement portfolio in order to prevent overpayment and fraudstery by gold dealers. Furthermore, some IRA investors may not understand all of the tricks some gold dealers employ when trying to deceive them.

Investing in physical gold within an IRA requires working with a specialist custodian, who may charge fees for buying, storing and selling it – fees which could significantly diminish your return.

Physical gold purchases outside your IRA may be more cost-effective and give you immediate access to your investment, though be mindful that any coins and bullion you purchase must meet IRS standards or they’ll be considered collectibles and subject to a 28% tax rate when sold. You will also have to cover shipping and insurance costs associated with distribution.


Many gold IRA companies provide buyback programs that allow investors to sell back their precious metals back to them once they turn 72 and need to take required minimum distributions, but due to these companies generating profits by selling gold at lower than retail prices it may take several years for an investor to see any return.

Gold IRA companies often charge additional fees beyond buyback programs for setting up and managing the accounts they provide. Over time, these costs may add up significantly so it is wise to select a gold IRA company with transparency about its charges.

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When opening an IRA with gold investments, it is vitally important that the custodian you select provides impartial education and has an excellent track record. Furthermore, look for an organization which prioritizes transparency without charging extra fees for storage services.

Employ a gold IRA company with buyback capabilities, giving you the option of selling back any precious metals at any time. Look for one with high Trustpilot ratings and extensive industry experience.

Many investors choose physical gold because it offers an effective hedge against inflation, though other types of investments such as gold-focused mutual funds, ETFs or mining stocks can also provide this hedge. Furthermore, these more efficient ways can be purchased or sold at any time during the day and night compared with holding physical gold investments.

Noble Gold

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Goldcorp provides IRA investors with access to an expansive selection of precious metal coins and bars approved for investment, along with an attractive buyback program when the time is right to liquidate your investments. Furthermore, they offer secure storage facilities.

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