Can You Buy Gold With Your IRA?

Physical gold may make for an excellent diversifier but isn’t recommended as an investment vehicle in retirement due to lack of dividends and interest payments compared to stocks, mutual funds and ETFs; plus it has higher cash-out costs.

Precious metals IRA investments must abide by specific IRS restrictions and tax considerations to remain compliant. All investors must respect these limitations.


Addition of physical precious metals to your retirement account can provide your savings with protection from market volatility while diversifying the portfolio and protecting against market fluctuations. Unfortunately, however, this option comes with additional costs such as brokerage fees, IRA custodian fees and storage/insurance for physical gold assets which tend to be higher than paper assets such as stocks and bonds.

Gold IRAs are unique self-directed retirement accounts that enable investors to invest in physical precious metals directly, unlike more conventional accounts which only permit investing in paper precious metal assets such as ETFs and mining stocks.

These investments use pretax dollars and grow tax-deferred until retirement when withdrawals will be subject to regular taxes. To buy physical gold through an IRA, first locate a reliable precious metals dealer before selecting your bullion type of choice.


Are You Seeking Diversified Retirement Savings Solutions with Gold IRAs? Gold is an attractive retirement investment vehicle because its value remains relatively unaffected by economic fluctuations and market crashes, while also serving as an inflation hedge and protecting purchasing power.

Gold IRAs can be created as either traditional pretax or Roth IRAs, with similar contribution limits and penalties for withdrawals as other traditional accounts. However, these accounts require more specific funding and storage requirements, and cannot use precious metals you already possess; you must purchase these precious metals from a dealer and store it yourself.

One disadvantage of investing in gold IRAs is their inability to produce any form of income, unlike stocks, mutual funds and ETFs do. This could waste valuable tax-deferred space for an asset that yields nothing in terms of returns.

Time horizon

Gold investors must plan their investing timeline around long-term goals. Metals cannot easily be liquidated, meaning investors may need to sell precious metals in order to take RMDs or distributions from their IRA account – an time-consuming and potentially penalty-laden process if done prior to age 59 1/2.

Investors purchasing metal should also factor in storage and insurance costs, setup fees and custodial fees from IRA companies and any applicable taxes, which could impact overall returns from such an IRA investment.

Investors looking for exposure to precious metals should consider stocks of mining companies or gold ETFs as these options offer lower costs and greater liquidity than physical gold ownership. If you prefer tangible ownership over paper assets, consider opening a physical gold IRA; just be wary of any questionable tactics used by certain companies to pressurize prospective customers.


Precious metals are an increasingly popular way to diversify retirement portfolios. Their long history as stores of value makes them effective inflation hedges while offering diversification benefits and increasing wealth growth over the long haul.

Investors should understand the costs associated with purchasing gold through an IRA. Fees associated with this can include account setup and maintenance, markup fees based on type of precious metal purchased and storage fees; investors may even incur shipping costs between custodian and investor.

As investors look for reliable companies with fair pricing and superior customer service, it’s also wise to select an accredited custodian capable of securely storing gold. Investors should avoid companies which employ high-pressure sales tactics or try to discredit mainstream financial institutions; gold IRAs offer great opportunity for diversification while protecting against inflation.

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