Can You Buy Precious Metals With a Roth IRA?

Can you buy precious metals with a Roth IRA

Gold and other precious metals can add diversification to a retirement portfolio, but investors in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) should be wary of any fees they might incur from making such investments, including storage fees, transaction costs and custodial fees.

There are a variety of reliable companies that provide self-directed IRAs (SDIRAs) for precious metals investments, but make sure that fees are carefully considered before selecting one as your provider.


Investing in physical precious metals presents some unique tax issues, which should be carefully considered before taking the plunge. For instance, the IRS prohibits IRAs from purchasing collectible coins and bullion. This doesn’t apply to certain forms of gold bullion which aren’t considered collectibles under law and thus can be purchased by an IRA.

IRS rules stipulate that any IRA assets be kept with an approved custodian, such as a bank, credit union, savings and loan association or federally insured company. One way around this requirement is investing in exchange-traded funds that track metal performance instead of holding physical precious metals in your IRA.

No matter the tax issues involved, precious metals make an excellent addition to any retirement portfolio. They provide diversification, inflation protection, long-term growth opportunities and can act as a hedge against market volatility and economic turmoil.


While most information available about precious metal IRAs focuses on Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs offer another investment option for gold investments. Researching can be daunting at first, so many Gold IRA companies provide professionals who can guide you toward making informed decisions for your specific goals.

IRS rules generally prevent IRA holders from purchasing collectibles such as gold coins and bullion, life insurance policies or S-corp stock; however these restrictions can be lifted if an IRA trustee takes physical possession of these metals or shares.

One way to invest in precious metals is via mutual funds that invest in mining or metals assets, like Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund (VGPMX), which tracks gold prices. This vehicle offers diversification at low costs for investors looking for ways to diversify their retirement portfolio.

Investment options

Precious metals IRAs differ from traditional IRAs in that you own physical bullion bars and coins directly instead of holding paper gold certificates. An IRA can invest in four precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium and can buy these metals as bars, coins or ingots from an IRA custodian who will purchase and store the precious metals securely depository – however keep in mind that storage fees could eat into your returns; remember the IRS has regulations regarding where and how you store a precious metals IRA.

To establish a precious metals IRA, the first step should be identifying an approved custodian who has been certified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Banks or trust companies specializing in alternative investments, like precious metals, often make suitable choices. You then must find an approved dealer selling these metals; ideally this should belong to trade groups like American Numismatic Association and Industry Council for Tangible Assets.


Most materials you’ll read about precious metals IRAs will focus on Traditional IRAs; however, Roth IRAs can also be utilized as an investment strategy – this is especially useful if you wish to diversify your portfolio with physical precious metals.

Your IRA custodian should allow self-directed investments and has an excellent track record with the IRS. Banks or trust companies tend to offer such services; they will manage your funds while also making sure your precious metal purchases meet IRS regulations.

The best gold IRA companies provide you with access to an expansive selection of precious metals such as platinum and palladium, along with secure storage facilities to safeguard your assets and save both time and money. They’ll even buy back any of the precious metals when distribution time arrives at fair prices; most custodians charge annual fees but may waive them with large purchases.

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