Can You Convert an IRA to Silver?

If you’re considering investing in silver, one question may arise as you consider conversion of your current IRA to this precious metal. While conversion can be done successfully, the process does require careful thought and the assistance of a knowledgeable specialist.

Selecting an experienced firm to assist with rolling over your IRA is key to its success, and Augusta Precious Metals boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot. Their top-quality services guarantee an efficient process.


Money you deposit into an IRA should remain there until retirement age when it will be taxed as income. Silver can add diversification to your investment portfolio but beware of the associated risks, as prices fluctuate and their values can quickly change in short order.

However, precious metals have historically experienced long-term gains and can serve as an inflation hedge. If you want to add precious metals to your IRA portfolio, be sure to select an account holder who allows physical possession of assets for safekeeping.

Search for an established company in the industry. Reputable firms such as Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals and American Hartford Gold offer comprehensive services that will allow you to maximize your portfolio investments. They also provide educational materials like price charts and market news.

Diversify your investment portfolio

IRAs are an ideal way to save for retirement and diversify an investment portfolio, yet many don’t realize they can easily convert their IRA to one featuring precious metals investments.

A silver IRA rollover allows you to transfer funds from an existing individual retirement account into a self-directed IRA that is managed by an IRS-approved custodian who specializes in precious metals, including Traditional, Roth, SEP or SIMPLE IRAs, deferred compensation plans such as 403(b), 457 deferred compensation plans or annuities.

Physical silver is an investment with long-term value that’s independent from third parties or paper fiat currencies; therefore it provides an effective hedge against inflation. Smart investors are taking note, adding physical silver to their IRAs as part of a balanced investment portfolio that spans market capitalization (small, mid, and large caps), sectors, and geography.


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Addition silver to your IRA is a straightforward and secure process. Simply open up a precious metals IRA with an appropriate firm. After providing all of the required documents and information, rollover money into it; from here the custodian will use these funds to purchase precious metals like silver and gold bars and coins and store them safely away in secure facilities.

Augusta Precious Metals offers you a convenient solution for transferring your IRA. By calling the current custodian and asking them for a direct rollover, this allows funds to move directly into a silver IRA while maintaining tax-free savings for retirement. However, you should ensure the company you select adheres to IRS regulations for precious metal IRAs by using only qualified custodians with at least $1 billion all-risk insurance policies that protect all of their assets.

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