Can You Have an IRA and a Crypto IRA?

Cryptocurrencies have quickly become a popular investment option for investors, offering diversification and tax benefits while coming with significant risks such as being volatile, security concerns and needing special tax treatment. However, investing in cryptocurrency should only be undertaken after due research has been performed into it and all potential risks have been carefully considered before taking the plunge.

Alto offers crypto investors an IRA provider specifically tailored for them that allows them to invest in over 200 cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency IRAs offer investors an extraordinary return potential, but also come with significant risks. A diverse portfolio tailored to your risk tolerance and financial goals is key for successful investing. Furthermore, cryptocurrency IRA custodians charge high fees when purchasing and selling cryptocurrency investments.

Not only are cryptos risky investments, they’re highly volatile as well. While day traders might rely on this volatility for profits, retirement investors could suffer greatly as its price plummets by eighty percent and your investment losses thousands.

Thankfully, IRA crypto accounts provide relief by eliminating capital gains tax. Furthermore, contributions are usually tax-deductible; when you retire you’ll be able to withdraw your funds without incurring income tax; however any profits realized when selling crypto will still need to be reported and taxed accordingly. It is therefore crucial that when selecting your IRA custodian company they support both your type and allow trading on affiliated exchanges.


Due to cryptocurrency’s increase in acceptance in the financial world, investors are turning to them with their retirement funds. But investing in a crypto IRA comes with its own set of challenges – for one thing you must pay income tax and early withdrawal fees if withdrawing before age 59 1/2 is reached; moreover, cryptos are notoriously susceptible to scammers, who have stolen more than $14 billion worth of cryptocurrency since its introduction.

Your IRA company should offer competitive fees and offer access to an assortment of cryptocurrencies. While some providers charge a percentage per trade or annual account fee, others have flat trading fees. When choosing an IRA provider it’s essential that they offer reasonable costs with good customer reviews; GoldCo is one such provider who provides a secure environment for cryptocurrency IRAs – its team of experts are on hand to assist in selecting investments tailored specifically for you!


If you’re interested in investing in crypto, there are various options available to you for holding your assets securely – self-directed IRA (SDIRA), cryptocurrency exchange or virtual private network are just a few examples of alternatives you could consider depending on your individual needs and investment goals. Look for an option which provides secure storage that’s regulated by IRS as this will increase your odds of success when choosing between custodian options.

Traditional Crypto IRAs allow investors to invest in cryptocurrency without incurring taxes until withdrawing it in retirement, which often has lower tax rates than now. They’re an attractive option for most people.

Roth crypto IRAs are another popular choice. Although this type of account does not require you to pay taxes on investment gains, you should ensure it is properly funded. An alternative option would be using a crypto trust instead – but this may limit flexibility in managing cryptocurrency.


IRAs can be an excellent way to diversify your retirement investments and the cryptocurrency market can provide many opportunities. It is essential to understand the risks involved with this form of investing; there are steps you can take to minimize risks while optimizing returns.

Your custodian should allow you to buy cryptocurrencies easily, while providing a strong security system. Furthermore, take into consideration fees structures and customer support; some companies charge high costs while others may offer lower charges.

A great choice is iTrust Capital, which waives monthly retirement account fees while offering cryptocurrency investments. Their user-friendly platform and superior customer service make for a pleasant experience; furthermore, there is physical gold available as an investment choice with low transaction fees for cost-conscious investors – for more information visit their website today!

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