Can You Hold Gold Coins in an IRA?

Can you hold gold coins in an IRA

IRS rules allow only certain precious metal coins and bullion to be held in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), with additional hurdles and fees involved in opening, storage and insuring these investments as well as markup fees when buying and selling.

Gold doesn’t pay dividends, making its return more slow-going and concentrated in one asset class. A gold IRA‘s success depends on time being given for it to develop fully before reaping any return.


The IRS has detailed guidelines regulating how precious metals should be held within an IRA. One key component is having gold stored at an IRS-compliant depository. Most IRA custodians work with companies that specialize in secure storage for physical precious metals for clients like you – they typically charge you a storage fee to cover expenses associated with keeping your gold eligible for your IRA in an IRS depository.

Bullion coins generally qualify for inclusion in an IRA as long as they meet certain purity standards, such as 99.5% fineness. There are, however, a few exceptions; American Eagle coins and bullion bars produced by the federal government qualify; other types of gold coins like South African Krugerrands don’t qualify.

As inflation rates increase, investors can protect their purchasing power by adding gold to their retirement portfolios. Since gold is considered hard asset with higher holding costs compared to paper assets like stocks and bonds such as storage fees, insurance premiums and custodial fees.

If you want your gold investment to yield a profit, its price must increase significantly between when you buy and when you decide to sell. Also important for success: having a long investment horizon as it could take several years before its payoff occurs.

Remember that holding gold at home can constitute a distribution from your IRA and incur taxes and penalties, so it is better to store IRA-eligible precious metals with an IRA custodian to avoid taxes and penalties, properly store the gold, diversify your holdings among multiple locations, and ensure it remains in pristine condition.


Precious metals have long been considered an appealing investment choice, due to their ability to hedge against inflation and protect investor privacy and wealth. Many investors may wonder whether physical gold coins and bullion bars can be held within an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Yes, investing in precious metals via an IRA is possible; however, before making a purchase it’s essential to understand all of the rules and regulations associated with purchasing physical gold.

First and foremost, when purchasing gold eligible for your IRA, make sure it comes from an authorized dealer. Although your custodian may have relationships with several dealers, it’s wise to do your own research and select an IRA-eligible dealer based on quality and reputation – search out trade groups such as American Numismatic Association, Industry Council for Tangible Assets or Professional Numismatists Guild who can recommend reliable dealers as well. Make sure your chosen dealer specializes in offering products you are interested in; American Eagle bullion coins issued by United States Mint are usually one popular option among investors.

Second, you should understand the different types of IRAs and their tax benefits. Most investors use self-directed individual retirement accounts (SDIRA), which allow them to take control of their investment decisions themselves. Under the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, SDIRA definition was expanded to allow investors to hold physical gold and silver within their IRAs.

Holding a gold IRA comes with its own set of fees that you should keep an eye on, such as storage and transfer charges. Furthermore, since gold is an asset prone to theft and should therefore be stored safely within an IRA depository account.

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