Can You Invest Gold Coins in an IRA?

Gold coins are considered non-liquid investments that require patience to make profits and are vulnerable to inflation.

Before investing, be aware of all fees, transactions and custodians involved with precious metal IRAs.


An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows gold to grow tax-free until withdrawal time, when you will owe ordinary income tax and penalties and fees as required by your state. All precious metal IRAs must be stored by a custodian; physical precious metals cannot be kept at home.

Gold IRAs require greater expenses than regular 401(k)s or IRAs due to their increased management requirements, with fees for both custodial management as well as storage/insuring the precious metals being held within.

Gold IRAs can be acquired through various dealers, but you should ensure they comply with IRS standards and that only bullion coins and bars meet these criteria. Furthermore, do your research and locate dealers affiliated with industry trade groups as an additional step.


Gold can be an attractive asset during times of economic unease. As it doesn’t generate earnings or pay dividends, it offers inflation protection while still protecting you against it. But holding onto gold IRAs does come with certain disadvantages; such as not taking it home with you and being stored at an approved depository with additional custodian maintenance and transaction fees to cover. For the best gold IRA services to offer transparent pricing with competitive fees. Plus unbiased customer education!

Investors can fund their precious metals IRA either with cash or by rolling over an existing retirement account, though the latter option is more popular as it avoids early withdrawal penalties and paperwork hassle. Before opening an IRA account it’s essential to carefully consider your retirement income needs, investment horizon, risk tolerance and lifestyle before opening one; professional gold IRA companies can assist in finding one suitable to you and your unique circumstances.


Gold IRA investments typically incur custodian fees, storage costs and commissions that can add up over time, though these costs typically are much lower than traditional IRAs.

Investors incur additional cash-out fees when closing their account, which can total as much as $250 and reduce the value of gold and other precious metal investments. This should be taken into consideration to avoid potential financial repercussions for closing one early.

IRA companies that excel provide transparent pricing of items they sell and strive for great customer service, without charging ancillary fees and providing free education on gold investment strategies. Augusta Precious Metals stands out by providing access to video library courses on basic economics as well as articles covering retirement savings topics; their low minimum investment also eliminates selling special edition coins such as proof.


If you choose to invest your IRA funds in precious metals, your account custodian will purchase and store the metals on your behalf – typically using a secure depository that meets IRS regulations as well as one recognized in the industry.

Custodians that manage gold IRAs will charge annual maintenance fees that cover their management and paperwork related to your account, similar to costs associated with traditional IRA accounts. They will also charge storage fees for physical precious metals that you own.

Researching Gold IRA companies carefully is essential. Seek customer reviews on trustworthy websites and avoid review sites which generate their own customer reviews – often these reviews are generated by affiliate marketers who receive a flat fee or commission for referring customers to certain dealers; such reviews may be biased and unreliable. Furthermore, it’s advisable to look for dealers that belong to industry trade organizations, like American Numismatic Association or Industry Council for Tangible Assets membership.

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