Can You Invest in Gold Coins in an IRA?

Custodians typically only provide self-directed IRAs that specialize in paper assets like stocks and mutual funds; to purchase physical gold coins or bullion, however, you require an alternative self-directed IRA from custodians who specialize in precious metals.

These IRA accounts typically charge annual maintenance and storage fees as well as markups on sales transactions.


Gold can be an attractive investment option, particularly for individuals concerned about stock market volatility or inflation. Before making any decisions regarding precious metals investments in an IRA, however, it’s essential that one understands their tax implications.

Gold IRAs must abide by the same rules as traditional pre-tax and Roth IRAs. Investors must meet contribution limits, pay early withdrawal penalties and take required minimum distributions at age 73 (for traditional pre-tax IRAs) or 72 (for Roth IRAs).

Physical gold investing within an IRA can dramatically improve after-tax returns depending on whether gains are taxed at long-term capital-gains rates or the higher maximum collectibles rates. Lucas saw his after-tax returns increase by over two percentage points when investing in a gold mutual fund instead of his traditional brokerage account or Roth IRA.

Investors should select a dealer who provides IRA-eligible gold coins and bars and stores them in an IRS-approved depository. Many dealers and storage facilities charge fees for their services, which may include shipping costs and insurance coverage costs. It is essential to select a facility offering segregated storage so your precious metals do not mix with those belonging to other investors.


Investing in precious metals IRAs requires many considerations. First and foremost is understanding IRS rules and regulations; working with an experienced custodian; selecting products; as this will help avoid costly errors while making the most of your investment.

Precious metal IRAs often charge higher fees than their traditional IRA counterparts due to the additional custodial and storage expenses that must be met, along with costs related to shipping or insurance policies. Furthermore, withdrawing physical gold before meeting its required retirement age may incur taxes and penalties that exceed previous expectations.

To prevent issues from arising, it’s essential that you conduct thorough research of any gold IRA companies or precious metal dealers you are considering. Look for one offering coins and bars with transparent pricing information available online as well as storage/insurance costs that are listed as well as an IRS-approved depository.


Gold IRA companies typically utilize secure third-party depository storage facilities to safely house precious metals for clients, which could either be combined with assets from other clients or kept separate. Furthermore, the company should boast advanced security features including timed locks and movement sensors as well as 24-hour monitoring as well as relevant insurance policies to provide maximum protection.

Some dealers of precious metals promote “home storage” of physical gold IRAs, but the IRS considers this an illegal transaction and could assess penalties accordingly. They impose restrictions on what types of coins and bars an IRA can hold as well as purity standards for bullion products.

As part of your research for a gold IRA, make sure to compare fees. There may be account setup and maintenance charges, annual fees and storage and insurance costs as well as markups which vary by dealer and product (in addition to shipping and handling). Some firms are transparent enough to list fees clearly on their websites while others fail to disclose all charges upfront.


Many gold IRA companies partner with third-party precious metals custodians and depositories for storage purposes, offering either combined or segregated storage options for your IRA metals. Furthermore, some provide secure safes to keep them protected.

Consider selecting an IRA dealer who provides free resources and provides competitive buy-back programs if ever needed to withdraw or liquidate the account. Inquire as to any one-time fees as well as annual costs that might apply.

Look for bullion coins and bars that comply with IRS purity standards when selecting IRA-eligible bullion investments, as these should come in various sizes, styles, and finishes to fit within your IRA portfolio.

Oxford Gold Group and Lear Capital both possess A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau, offering price notifications. Furthermore, Gold Gate Capital in Los Angeles sells bullion and IRA-eligible coins and boasts an excellent customer satisfaction record.

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