Can You Invest in Gold in the TSP?

IRS requirements dictate that precious metals IRA assets be managed and protected by an authorized custodian for safekeeping and compliance purposes. A reliable TSP rollover expert will guide you through this process and ensure all IRS standards are fulfilled.

TSP participants can transition their assets tax-free when leaving government service, giving them access to any qualified employer plan or individual retirement account without immediate taxes being levied on them. This gives you the ability to open a self-directed IRA that allows investing in alternative asset classes like physical precious metals.

How It Works

The Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP, is a retirement investment plan available exclusively to federal employees and uniformed services members. Every pay period, money from your paycheck goes into your TSP account; contributions can be made both traditional and Roth accounts up to an IRS limit. Your agency automatically contributes 1 percent of basic pay; however you have the ability to increase this contribution up to 5 percent of basic pay if desired.

Your TSP offers several investing options, from five core funds and five Lifecycle (L) funds that automatically invest in them depending on when your projected retirement date is. Of the L funds, G Fund consists of government securities for lower risk and return rates while F Fund invests in mortgage-backed, corporate and foreign bonds.

Your TSP contributions allow you to choose whether to pay taxes now or later when withdrawing them, depending on what works best for your financial circumstances. For those expecting higher tax brackets during retirement, Roth TSP options could be more suitable.


There are various factors to keep in mind when rolling over your TSP account, including tax considerations and your financial goals. Working with an experienced Gold TSP rollover specialist will help guide the process and avoid costly missteps.

Physical precious metals such as coins and bars may only be allowed in certain types of retirement accounts, yet they can make an excellent addition to your portfolio. Gold provides an attractive form of protection during periods of economic instability or downturn while its reputation as a store of value also offers potential capital appreciation potential.

Gold investing through a TSP is an effective way to diversify your retirement portfolio, but other investing vehicles exist outside the TSP, such as Roth IRAs or taxable investment accounts. Try SmartVestor’s free service for finding investment professionals who can create a wealth-building plan tailored specifically to you needs and goals.


As with any investment, Gold IRAs come with fees. Before beginning any rollover, make sure you understand these fees and whether or not they are justified. Furthermore, before sending any funds to companies offering “trustee-to-trustee” transfers, learn their business practices and check them with reliable sources like the Securities and Exchange Commission or Better Business Bureau.

Investment in precious metals can add numerous advantages to your retirement portfolio, from economic stability and capital appreciation, to capital preservation. But it is important to remember that precious metals do not represent high growth assets – their returns tend to remain static over time – therefore, a well-diversified retirement portfolio should contain investments with higher rates of return such as stocks.


The TSP offers several methods for withdrawing retirement savings. You can access your funds by contacting your record-keeper and filling out an withdrawal request, as well as make financial hardship withdrawals under certain conditions.

If you decide to transfer your TSP into a Gold IRA, the process should be relatively straightforward. There are two approaches you can take when doing so – rollover or direct trustee-to-trustee transfer; both methods should be free from taxes or penalties when completed properly.

Before investing, it is best to select a self-directed IRA provider specializing in precious metals. This provider will recommend a third-party vaulting and storage provider who can ensure the safekeeping, insurance and security of physical gold coins and bars; other types of precious metals can also be invested in; however, specific requirements must be met first – for instance investing in silver may only be possible once its purity meets standards.

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