Can You Keep Gold in a Bank Safety Deposit Box?

Can you keep gold in a bank safety deposit box

Physical gold bullion may be ideal for many clients; however, there may be certain risks involved with this option.

First of all, home storage can often be less secure than bank safe deposit boxes, with access limited to bank operating hours and uninsured home storage vulnerable to theft and potential disasters.


Bank safety deposit boxes offer an ideal place for valuables to be stored safely, away from prying eyes. Their contents cannot be accessed by others and bank officials only access it upon being instructed by legal action to do so.

Safety deposit boxes offer several disadvantages, one being they are not insured by banks; investors who decide to store precious metals inside one may need additional insurance policies in order to protect their assets.

Store precious metals safely at home requires an ideal storage solution, such as a gun safe designed specifically to hold gold bars or an at-home safe/vault with extra protection against natural disasters or fire damage. Furthermore, being so visible may attract unwanted attention; be wary about displaying them too prominently to others! Depending on your state and jurisdiction regulations you may also be subject to paying recurring fees for safes or vaults located within your own residence.


Safe deposit boxes are an ideal storage option for those who have purchased large amounts of gold coins or bars. While they provide secure, cost-effective protection, there can be drawbacks as well: for instance, only accessing precious metals during banking hours could prove inconvenient and you may require separate insurance policies due to not being protected under bank’s insurance coverage – making the entire endeavor more costly overall.

Safe deposit boxes at banks may be difficult to access in times of a crisis, with banks closed and unavailable as access points. Therefore, they may not be an ideal choice for those needing their gold and silver quickly retrieved. In contrast, bullion vaults offer easy and quick access to precious metals and provide free storage with insurance as well as instant payment reselling opportunities whenever you require.


Banks do not typically insure precious metals held in safe deposit boxes, according to The Times. Therefore, it’s essential that you create your own secure home storage option with an approved fire-resistant safe and an inventory list countersigned by someone trusted. You should also know what items can or cannot be stored within a bank safe deposit box such as firearms, explosives and drugs; such items typically won’t be permitted.

Banks often offer lockers for rent; these large boxes in a vault or secured room are an attractive solution for those who don’t wish to store their gold at home but require some level of protection. Lockers do, however, present additional costs (the purchase and installation of a safe) and risks (break-ins or robberies), with neither being covered by federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insurance policies – instead you must secure separate coverage separately.


Locating safe storage locations for valuables and collectibles can be an ongoing struggle for many people. Hard drives used only occasionally, copies of estate planning documents and deeds, stamps, coins, or family heirlooms may all make good candidates; but for those interested in investing in bullion for meaningful amounts, storage solutions become much more complex.

Experts advise disclosing as few details about where your precious metals are kept as possible to reduce theft risk.

Many bullion dealers provide home delivery of gold bullion for storage at your residence. Unfortunately, this method introduces some risks. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover contents stored in safe deposit boxes so you would need additional coverage or pay more in bank fees over time for storage; additionally, many banks charge fees which eat into investment returns and according to Mike Clark at Diamond State Depository your assets are not guaranteed by them.

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