Can You Put Gold in a Safety Deposit Box?

Can you put gold in a safety deposit box

Safety deposit boxes offer an ideal location for precious metals that are uninsured by banks or the FDIC, however renting one will cost extra and requires special damage protection against theft and natural disasters.

Bank deposits may only be accessible during bank operating hours and could incur fees; making this option less appealing for investors.


Safe deposit boxes are often considered the ideal method for storing precious metals due to their high level of security, low rental cost and lack of taxes or fees associated with owning one. Furthermore, they offer greater protection from fire and flooding compared to home storage methods.

As with any investment, safety deposit box owners face certain risks. Thieves could access bank vaults to steal gold that has been stored inside. Furthermore, owners could lose their investments should they misplace or misplace their key or the bank lose it.

Safe deposit box storage of precious metals has one significant drawback – you are only able to access it during regular business hours, which may be inconvenient if you work full-time. For many people however, home storage solutions provide more advantages.


Safe deposit boxes offer convenient storage at locations most people can rely upon, making it a valuable means of safeguarding important possessions like family heirlooms; rare coins and works of art; irreplaceable photographs negatives and deeds to property.

Banks typically offer separate vaults for safety-deposit boxes that they rent out annually. These facilities typically come equipped with cameras, security guards and alarm systems to safeguard the contents. Furthermore, they are constructed to withstand fires, floods and tornadoes.

Most banks do not reveal the contents of safe-deposit boxes to anyone other than their owner and can only access them during banking hours, providing plenty of privacy for people storing important documents like passports or medical directives in these boxes.

If you opt to keep gold at home, securing it requires finding an easily hidden spot that cannot be located by other individuals. Furthermore, at least one person must know about its combination or safe-access code in case an emergency arises and keep this on file with them for future reference.


Safety deposit boxes are an efficient and cost-effective solution for protecting precious metals, providing access during bank hours and offering numerous locks to secure them further. They can even be secured using biometric fingerprinting technology – not to mention being ideal for everyday transactions!

Many investors opt to store their gold at home for increased security and easy access, but this method may not always be applicable – getting insurance can be challenging and it might not even be feasible if renting.

An attractive option for gold storage is using a bullion bank, which are large financial institutions specializing in buying, selling and leasing bullion. They tend to be less costly than consumer banks while still providing 24-hour monitoring and storage capabilities; plus they have large capacity storage options; however they may prove more complex in use than regular retail banks.


Home storage of gold and precious metals can be costly. This is due to purchasing a secure safe as well as purchasing dehumidifiers to help reduce air moisture around your gold. Furthermore, getting insurance coverage may prove challenging due to potential risk to other assets in the house.

Another potential drawback of home storage is that your valuables remain exposed to all the same risks as any other items within your house, such as burglary or fire, without benefitting from third-party facilities’ 24-hour monitoring and security systems.

Safe deposit boxes offer an economical means of protecting precious metals such as gold. Metropolitan’s rented safe deposit boxes are only slightly more costly than household insurance, plus you have access to your metal seven days a week (unlike bank policies) plus each one is insured against loss or theft for up to PS10,000.

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