Can You Put Precious Metals in an IRA?

Can you put precious metals in an IRA

As a rule, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are prohibited from investing in collectibles; however, the IRS provides an exception for coins and bars meeting IRS purity standards.

Your IRA custodian purchases precious metals on your behalf and stores them at an IRS-approved depository. Some companies also provide commingled storage options whereby precious metals may be held alongside those owned by other investors.


Gold has proven itself a solid investment during times of financial volatility, making it a sought-after asset in retirement planning. However, investors should bear in mind that unlike some investments like stocks or bonds, gold doesn’t generate dividends or yield income – its main value lies in being perceived as safe store of wealth.

Precious metals IRA accounts allow you to invest in coins and bars of gold, silver, palladium and platinum. With self-directed accounts you have even more choices; including real estate investments as well as alternative assets which help diversify your portfolio.

If your precious metals are kept in an IRA account, they won’t be subject to tax or penalty fees from the IRS until you withdraw them before reaching 59 1/2. There may be certain exemptions such as disability or purchasing your first home that might make this difference less severe.


When purchasing precious metals in an IRA, custodian and storage charges must also be factored in. While custodian fees and storage charges can differ significantly between providers, looking for one with flat fees or charging based on metal holding value can help minimize expenses.

Your IRA custodian fees may include purchase and transaction charges when buying and selling within your IRA, which could decrease your overall returns. Reducing fees is key to maximising returns.

Research various dealers and IRA custodians to see who offers the lowest fees. Be mindful of all fees before opening an account with any one. When selecting your provider, choose one with transparent pricing, competitive purchase rates, excellent customer service and support from initial setup to distribution management – this could save money in the long run!


At the core of all retirement preparation lies savings. A traditional or Roth IRA may work well here, as well as a self-directed individual retirement account (SDIRA), where you have full control of your investments including real estate, precious metals and tax liens.

Precious metals make an attractive addition to any portfolio, thanks to their longstanding economic stability and protection against currency devaluations. But it’s essential that investors understand all of their investment options to select one which meets both their goals and limitations.

Apart from recurring fees, storage costs, and custodial fees, it is also crucial to do your homework and locate a reputable dealer that sells genuine precious metals. Industry trade groups such as American Numismatic Association or Industry Council for Tangible Assets should be prioritized over individual dealers when searching for genuine precious metals dealers. When purchasing bullion bars rather than coins as these reflect true spot price of gold while providing increased levels of security.


Gold is an appealing investment option for retirement portfolios looking to add precious metals. However, silver and palladium may also be permissible investments; physical ownership of precious metals cannot be accomplished within an IRA account – so to purchase these investments you will require a self-directed IRA with a custodian who permits such transactions.

Precious metals IRAs typically entail fees for account setup, transactions and storage of actual coins or bullion you own; hence it may only make sense for people with an already substantial portfolio looking for additional diversification. As an alternative, investors could consider an exchange-traded fund (ETF) which tracks one of these commodities without incurring extra costs associated with physical precious metals ownership – and which also serves as an inflation hedge by rising in value during times of inflation while traditional stocks and bonds decline in value.

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