Can You Store a Gold IRA at Home?

Can you store gold IRA at home

Many ads promote home storage gold IRAs, but such an arrangement is risky. Not only is storing precious metals at home against IRS rules illegal, but storing such metals presents numerous other dangers as well.

Investors who store IRA-purchased gold at home may be subject to distribution penalties of 10% if they are under 59.5 years old, as well as being audited.


Though you could store precious metals at home, this may not be optimal when considering retirement purposes. Instead, work with an experienced company that can advise you on the most suitable storage solutions.

Assuming your contributions qualify for tax deductibility, any money contributed to a gold-backed IRA is tax-deductible. This holds true for both traditional and Roth IRAs; however, you should take care to consult a financial advisor for guidance before initiating the process.

As part of your search for self-directed IRAs and IRS approval, it will also be important to locate a custodian willing to accept your investment options while providing secure depository facilities for gold or other precious metals that you decide to invest in.

Storage fees charged by your depository must also be factored into your expenses, in addition to shipping and insurance costs. Many custodians charge maintenance fees that are either flat rate or percentage based.


Gold IRAs enable customers to purchase precious metals tax-free, stored in an IRS-approved depository. They differ from traditional IRAs and 401(k) accounts by solely holding physical assets like gold bars, coins or bullion as opposed to financial investments like stocks or bonds that carry significant capital risk; hence they make for an important component of an diversified retirement portfolio.

When opening a gold IRA with a trusted precious metals company, they typically work directly with an IRA custodian who partners with them to ensure all aspects of the transaction follow IRS regulations and that your dealer has access to an IRS-approved depository in which to store the gold.

Custodians and depository providers will charge storage fees; some depository providers even offer different levels of insurance protection for your physical assets.


Precious metals offer security against inflation and portfolio diversification. But gold-backed IRAs have certain drawbacks such as contribution limits and storage fees that must be taken into consideration before investing.

Your precious metals cannot be kept at home because the IRS requires that they are stored in an approved facility. There are IRA companies that facilitate this transfer service for an additional fee, although most other IRA providers offer it free of charge.

Consider working with an easy company that offers potential buybacks; this will act as a buffer against losing value over time, and make selling back easier if necessary. In addition, Noble Gold stands out with hundreds of five-star reviews and affordable bullion options on offer – these qualities all combine for fast shipping at highly competitive prices.


Gold IRAs are investment-grade accounts that allow you to buy and store precious metals. The IRS sets strict standards regarding purity and weight for coins, bars, and bullion that you can invest in via precious metals IRAs. Unlike other types of IRA accounts, however, gold IRAs do not offer liquid investments, so be prepared for significant time before selling off your investments.

Trustworthy companies will help you establish either a traditional or Roth gold IRA and transfer assets from other accounts into it.

The top companies will partner with reliable custodians to manage your precious metals IRA and provide educational resources on investing in gold. Look for companies offering buybacks as this may give you extra security should you need to liquidate in the future; additionally they should make the selling process as painless and straightforward as possible so that selling metals does not incur additional fees or hassle.

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