Can You Transfer an IRA to Gold?

If you wish to invest in physical precious metals such as gold or other physical precious metals, an IRA that permits these investments must first be set up. Either a rollover or transfer can then be performed to make this possible.

Both processes involve moving funds to a new Gold IRA custodian. But their respective processes vary considerably – here are the primary distinctions.


An investment in precious metals IRA is an excellent addition to your retirement portfolio, but certain taxes apply. To avoid paying penalties and opening one properly – either via rollover or transfer – following all steps is key.

Rollover IRAs allow you to transfer funds from an existing IRA into one that invests in gold, with 60 days required for completion or face an additional 10% penalty. A transfer offers a simpler, quicker option.

Just inform your current IRA custodian of your intent to transfer funds into a precious metals account, and they will send paperwork for you to fill out. After doing this, you can direct the new company to purchase gold and other precious metals of your choosing.


When choosing a precious metals provider, make sure they offer excellent customer service and educational resources. Augusta Precious Metals has an IRA kit available that will help you understand how this unique investment option works – gold is typically one of the few physical assets which retain value over time, providing a safer investment than stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

First step to opening an IRA that accepts precious metals is finding a reliable custodian. Next step should be deciding what physical assets you wish to hold within it and then finding out fees associated with their service and any additional storage charges they might charge; these fees should be clearly laid out in your contract with them as well as being provided a list of approved depository options compliant with IRS regulations.


Gold IRA investments offer an effective way to diversify your retirement portfolio and protect against economic instability. When selecting an IRA company, it’s crucial that they possess an extensive history and outstanding reputation – as well as provide educational materials and support services so you understand their process and available investment options.

Once you’ve decided on your company, it’s time to transfer or rollover. There are two approaches available – indirect with your current account custodian sending a check, or direct whereby your new custodian handles everything behind-the-scenes.

No matter the method you choose, it is vitally important to follow IRS rules when withdrawing money. In order to avoid penalties and taxes associated with early withdrawal penalties, all withdrawn funds should be deposited into a new account within 60 days from withdrawal date. Otherwise, income taxes and an early withdrawal penalty could apply.


An effective gold IRA company should offer expert guidance when it comes to converting your retirement funds into physical precious metals. They’ll work alongside your IRA custodian for an effortless transfer process and assist in selecting IRS-approved gold bullion bars and coins as investments for you. Finally, their storage depository facility plays a vital role in any gold IRA investment strategy.

There are two methods available to you when it comes to moving funds to a gold IRA: the rollover and direct transfer methods. With the rollover method, contact your existing IRA trustee and express interest in moving your funds over; once done so, you have 60 days without incurring taxes or penalties when depositing them into your new account.

Contact the new gold IRA custodian directly, indicating your desire to move your funds to an account invested in physical gold, and specify that this method should be employed. Not only can this approach reduce risks but it may also save on conversion fees.

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