Can You Use an IRA to Buy Gold?

Can you use an IRA to buy gold

Gold can be an effective hedge against inflation and an effective means to build wealth; however, it shouldn’t be your sole source of investment in your retirement portfolio.

Conventional IRAs enable investors to diversify their holdings with stocks, bonds, and mutual funds; by holding precious metals alone in your IRA account you are missing out on two key opportunities to increase wealth: dividends and capital appreciation.


Gold can make an ideal asset to hold in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Investors should, however, understand how taxes impact returns and the associated fees of setting up and managing such an IRA before investing.

For investing in physical precious metals via an IRA, a self-directed account must be opened. A custodian who accepts investments and depository facilities are needed in addition to one-time account setup fees which may apply. Custodial fees will then be assessed annually like they would with traditional IRAs.

Another key consideration for investing in collectibles through an IRA is its tax code, which currently caps these investments at 28%. Gold American Eagle coins do not fall under this collectors’ tax; other coins such as proofs and commemoratives could incur higher rates which may significantly diminish after-tax returns.


Many investors include precious metals in their retirement portfolio as they see them as a safe haven investment, yet should carefully consider both sides of this asset before making their choice.

Gold IRAs are individual retirement accounts that allow investors to buy physical precious metals such as bullion, coins or proofs for retirement investments.

Gold IRA investments may help offset annual taxable income up to IRS limits and also provide investors with tax savings when withdrawing their investments at retirement age.

Gold has long been seen as an effective hedging mechanism against inflation. While these precious metals don’t offer yields or dividends like stocks and bonds do, making them safer investment alternatives than many retirement investments. Investors considering investing in Gold IRAs should seek advice from an advisor before proceeding.


Custodians for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) are intimately familiar with IRS guidelines regarding precious metal investments and storage methods, and will ensure that your gold investments and storage methods comply with them. Furthermore, using an independent custodian provides more accountability than keeping gold at home alone.

Holding physical possession of your investment can make it feel more real to you, adding value to your portfolio. But the risks involved with keeping gold IRAs at home can be high; theft could prove expensive while house fires or personal safety could prove dangerous for storing precious metals at home.

Home storage options may incur additional expenses such as insurance premiums and set-up charges, which can further diminish potential returns from a Gold IRA. Physical gold doesn’t pay dividends like many investments do so this requires patience and discipline from investors in order to reap its rewards.


Gold differs from stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in that its income does not qualify as tax-advantaged for retirement savings purposes. Furthermore, investors will likely need to hold it for some time in order to reap any returns; additionally, gold IRAs tend to involve extra steps when investing and hence usually have higher associated fees than traditional IRA accounts.

Precious metal prices are volatile, which makes a gold IRA difficult for individuals near or at retirement age. Should they need to liquidate their investment early, they could end up selling it for less than its current market value. To mitigate this risk, individuals may wish to explore alternative retirement investments that provide more flexibility such as exchange-traded funds or mining companies that reduce risk and diversify portfolios with low risk of loss – although taxes must still be paid on any distributions made from such accounts.

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