Can You Use an IRA to Buy Gold?

Can you use an IRA to buy gold

Purchases of physical precious metals within an IRA require the services of a dedicated custodian firm, who may charge extra fees for storage and insurance as well as sales markup and account closure fees.

If you want to convert an existing IRA to a gold IRA, find a custodian who specializes in such accounts; many standard custodians don’t handle physical assets.


If you have earned income, contributing to either a traditional or Roth IRA is tax-deferred until it comes time for withdrawals. Early withdrawal may incur a 10% penalty fee; however if used to make down payments on homes you can bypass this rule altogether. Those self-employed may even have more savings potential with SEP or SIMPLE IRAs.

As is the case with taxable investments, selling and redeeming investment assets to generate specific current tax effects is another effective way of mitigating current tax liabilities. For instance, one may wish to simultaneously fully fund their IRA for the year while simultaneously realizing from mutual fund sales/redemption a net long-term capital gain or loss of zero. A traditional IRA might then be appropriate since its use allows one to shift future (higher) taxation onto present day taxation liabilities.


Custodians of an individual’s precious metal IRA must ensure compliance with IRS regulations, by purchasing and storing metals on behalf of investors in approved depository facilities. Custodians also should offer assistance and education regarding precious metal investments options available to you; make sure you select an established firm with valid licensing, registrations and credentials which can be verified upon.

Once you’ve chosen your custodian, it is time to begin investing in your gold IRA. Keep in mind, however, that there may be fees involved with purchasing, storing and selling precious metals; these expenses could significantly increase the amount required for it to turn a profit and require significant patience before seeing significant returns from investment. Furthermore, precious metal IRAs don’t provide adequate diversification of a retirement portfolio because precious metals are one asset class.


Gold can provide an excellent protection from inflation while increasing in value over time, adding to your wealth by adding to its worth. But before diving in to physical gold as part of your retirement portfolio, make sure that it suits your goals and finances best by consulting a fee-only financial planner who can guide your decisions on this matter.

When investing in precious metals through an IRA, an IRS-approved depository must be chosen. Midland’s IRA specialists can assist in selecting an IRS-regulated location with high levels of security that offers multiple storage options – including insured storage – which provides added peace of mind compared to some other investments. There may be fees associated with gold IRA investments that you should be aware of such as account setup or custodial fees as well as storage charges; they’re important considerations when making this type of purchase decision.


Physical gold and silver investments can be an excellent way to diversify your retirement portfolio and protect wealth, yet it should be remembered that their values can fluctuate over time.

Gold should only make up a fraction of your retirement savings plan, and to ensure you make an appropriate choice based on your circumstances, consider consulting with a financial adviser or tax professional before investing.

Before purchasing physical bullion for your IRA, it is necessary to select a custodian who will allow you to purchase these precious metals. Most companies provide online self-directed IRA platforms where users can select which physical precious metals they would like stored at depository depositorys. Just be mindful that each account management and storage service charges annual fees which will decrease how much cash will remain in your IRA for other investments later.

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