Can You Use Your IRA to Buy Gold?

Gold IRAs provide investors with an innovative way to diversify their retirement portfolio while sidestepping traditional custodial fees. Before opening or rolling over such an account, investors should keep certain factors in mind.

Additionally, gold IRA companies can assist investors with managing the additional paperwork and insurance requirements associated with holding physical bullion in a tax-advantaged account.


Gold can be an ideal asset to add to your retirement account, protecting against economic downturns, lowering inflation risk and diversifying your portfolio. Gold’s long history of outperformance makes it worthwhile, yet it is important to carefully consider your individual circumstances prior to investing physically in gold – speaking with a financial advisor may assist with making an informed decision based on individual goals and finances.

Your traditional or Roth IRA provides the ideal vehicle to invest in precious metals, but be wary of any companies promising you easy access. A reliable gold IRA company should offer multiple investment options as well as storage in IRS-approved depositories and must adhere to strict IRS regulations.

Good companies provide low rollover fees and handle all paperwork to save time and effort on your part, while their customer support should be prompt, knowledgeable, and responsive – this way you can rest easy knowing your precious metals are being handled according to IRS regulations.


No matter which retirement account type you own, investing in precious metals requires fees that vary based on institution – one-time account setup fees, annual custodian fees (which differ by institution), storage fees and insurance premiums to protect the value of your investments in case they’re lost at storage facilities.

Your gold investment may not be held directly with your custodian; rather, your IRA custodian will purchase and deliver it to a depository approved by the IRS in order to meet regulatory compliance. This prevents yourself from running into issues related to self-dealing regulations from violating them directly when investing in physical precious metals through your IRA.

Monex has worked with numerous IRA custodians for decades to deliver exceptional customer service and high-grade gold bullion products eligible for IRA investment. Request your free information kit today to discover how a gold-backed IRA could help secure your future!


Gold IRA custodians are financial institutions that specialize in helping individuals purchase physical precious metals in an IRA account. They provide assistance and advice when selecting which types of gold and silver to invest in according to your investment goals, and ensure safe storage for these precious assets.

Precious metals are widely viewed as an excellent diversifier for retirement portfolios, offering low correlation with other investments. But precious metals may not suit every investor; those seeking risk might instead choose mining company stocks or gold ETFs as alternatives.

Gold IRAs involve numerous costs, such as an initial account setup fee and ongoing transaction and maintenance fees, storage fees, insurance costs, seller markup charges and seller markup fees. Fees vary between companies so it’s important to choose one with transparent pricing online as well as dedicated account representatives ready to answer any inquiries you have about your investments.


Gold bullion is bulky and requires special storage solutions. Individuals stockpiling gold either due to fear that a global economic collapse is imminent or simply as an investment have difficulty finding safe storage options for it.

As individuals can now store physical gold in their IRAs, there are various storage solutions available. Some options are more viable than others – one such option being home storage gold IRAs which allow individuals to hold precious metals right at their own homes.

Gold IRAs may involve fees that include setup and custodian costs; these costs should generally mirror what would be found with other IRAs. Furthermore, storage fees may apply as well; keeping as few people aware where your gold bullion resides will help keep costs at a minimum.

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