Does Dave Ramsey Recommend Investing in Gold and Silver?

Does Dave Ramsey recommend investing in gold and silver

Dave Ramsey, personal finance expert and host of The Dave Ramsey Show, recently wrote an article explaining why he does not advise investing in gold and silver. This piece seeks to disprove his assertions while showing why precious metals could make for good investments in your portfolio.

He points out that precious metals only offer approximately 2% rate of return over time, while traditional investments like real estate and growth stock mutual funds offer higher returns.

Emotional connection

Investment in precious metals can be emotionally charged due to their long history as money. You might invest in precious metals to honor a loved one or provide security for your family; but investing requires knowledge and vigilance as it requires constant market watching for gold and silver markets, monitoring trends closely while studying fundamentals thoroughly as well as researching individual companies.

Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey is known for his straightforward approach to money matters, earning millions of people his following through radio shows, books and podcasts that help millions get out of debt.

Ramsey recently wrote an article called, “Why Investing in Precious Metals Is a Bad Idea.” While this statement may resonate with some investors, experienced precious metals investors and financial advisors recognize several flaws in his argument.


As in nature, asset values are also subject to sudden swings – this phenomenon is known as volatility and should be taken into account when investing.

Physical gold and silver investments can provide a useful diversification strategy, yet can also be risky investments. As a general guideline, precious metals shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your overall portfolio.

Dave Ramsey is an internationally acclaimed personal finance coach known for preaching budgeting, getting out of debt and saving for retirement. His name can be seen lent to mortgage companies, companies that purchase gold and family web-filtering software. However, his investment advice often provokes much dismay amongst financial advisers; for instance he suggests placing 25% of investors’ portfolio in loaded mutual funds, something most financial experts frown upon as these can often prove risky investments.


Price fluctuations of gold and silver can be unpredictable, yet it is essential to distinguish emotion from fact when making financial decisions. Many are drawn to precious metals for emotional security purposes, but this could cloud their judgment and lead them into making poor choices. It is therefore wise to research market trends as well as consult an expert. Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers offer precious metal experts who can assist in helping their customers through these investments successfully.

Physical silver requires significant storage space. Although this can be challenging for investors, strategic storage techniques can help minimise storage needs. Furthermore, silver is an industrial metal with multiple uses ranging from electronics to medicine and solar panels; you likely use silver every day without even realising it! Furthermore, its portability makes it much simpler to transport.


Frustrated with dull and dispiriting finance seminars, Ramsey developed his own practical class on money that focused on getting out of debt. Now known as Financial Peace University, his nine-lesson course has had an enormous impact, helping more than 10 million families worldwide.

Precious metals like gold and silver can provide investors with a reliable hedge against inflation while also acting as upheaval insurance (since they don’t contain printing presses or have credit risk issues attached to them).

Both precious metals are relatively scarce on Earth, adding to their appeal as investments. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks when investing. When choosing which option is right for them, investors should carefully weigh both. There are physical purchases as well as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) providing exposure without incurring storage fees; investors could even buy shares of companies mining for precious metals as well as mutual funds that invest in such miners.

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