Does Dave Ramsey Recommend Investing in Gold and Silver?

Dave Ramsey is an incredible financial educator with millions of fans around the world who follow his every move. His message emphasizes researching and understanding various investments.

He’s correct to note that gold prices can be volatile; however, this volatility offers investors the chance to profit off its price fluctuations and take advantage of these fluctuations to their own benefit.

1. It’s a hedge against inflation

There is insufficient evidence to support the notion that gold or silver serve as an effective inflation hedge, according to research from Arnott’s analysis. Indeed, during periods of above-average inflation gold has actually generated lower-than-expected returns, according to their research.

Silver has similar advantages as gold when it comes to investing, including being more affordable and having multiple industrial uses such as solar panels, electric vehicles, LED lights, medical devices and so forth.

Investors looking for silver can purchase both physical coins and bars as well as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that hold it, with physical silver offering options like dollar cost averaging to reduce price volatility, while ETFs with gold or silver mining companies provide diversification across precious metals while tax efficiency at 28% long-term capital gains rates is double that of stocks (15).

2. It’s a store of value

Gold investments are an effective way to hedge against inflation. You should diversify your portfolio with other types of assets that offer various advantages and protection.

Real estate and commodities investments may help to lower investment risk, while silver investments such as mining stocks provide you with an effective way of taking advantage of its rising price without actually purchasing physical bullion.

When times get difficult, people turn to durable precious metals such as gold and silver as stores of value. Unlike paper money, gold and silver retain their worth over time.

Reach out to a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor now if you want to discover how you can integrate gold and silver into your portfolio, they will be able to assess if adding these assets might help you meet your goals more efficiently.

3. It’s a security

Gold and silver offer excellent security against currency devaluations or financial crises, protecting other assets like cash and stocks from loss.

Silver investing offers multiple avenues, from physical bullion and coins, certificates and IRAs, streaming or royalty companies that finance a mining project in exchange for a share of its profits, to investing directly through companies like Wheaton Precious Metals Corp (WPM) or First Majestic Silver Corp (AG).

No matter if you’re investing in gold and silver as diversification or protection, it’s wise to think long term when making decisions regarding investments like these. Dedicating 5 to 10% of your savings to these assets will help ensure you achieve your financial goals while being prepared for economic or political changes in the future.

4. It’s a form of insurance

Dave Ramsey has long been known for providing sound financial advice that emphasizes staying out of debt and building savings. His book The Dave Ramsey Show has become an eight-time national bestselling title and radio show is highly-respected among many people.

Investing in precious metals is another effective way to diversify your portfolio and hedge against volatile stock markets or currency fluctuations. While gold and silver typically offer less return potential than stocks, their prices tend to remain more steady over time.

Many homeowners policies provide some coverage for valuables like gold bars and coins; however, standard policies typically limit precious metals coverage to around $5,000, which won’t cover its full value should something go wrong with storage arrangements such as banks. Therefore, investing in an additional policy specifically dedicated to bullion storage would be wise; alternatively you may store it yourself or with an alternative insurer as the FDIC doesn’t insure stored bullion safe deposit boxes.

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