Factors to Consider When Buying 1 Oz Gold Coins

Why are 1oz gold coins different prices

Investors looking for 1 oz gold coins have many choices available to them when selecting their investment. From bullion coins backed by government guarantees of purity and weight to other forms such as platinum coins with government assurance of purity.

Price per ounce for rare numismatic coins can vary greatly based on supply and demand; thus, their premiums or price per ounce is often much higher than a standard gold bullion coin from an official mint.


Gold has long been revered as an investment asset and historical icon, drawing both investors and collectors alike to it as an investment vehicle. Although there are various forms of gold bullion available today, collectors tend to favor coins due to their multiple benefits beyond pure metal content.

Gold coins have long been seen as desirable collectibles with financial benefits; their distinct designs also make them desirable investments, often commanding higher premiums than bars.

One ounce gold coins are produced by various sovereign mints, such as the United States Mint and Royal Canadian Mint, and may even be considered legal tender in their home countries. When shopping for low-premium oneoz gold coins from dealers, be sure to compare prices and purity levels before making your selection.


Weight of Gold Coins When purchasing gold coins, its important to understand their weight in troy ounces as opposed to the avoirdupois ounce that we typically use on a daily basis.

As such, it is crucial that when purchasing gold coins it contains at least a full troy ounce of precious metal. Although coins containing less than this may still exist and sell for cheaper per ounce prices.

Maple Leaf, American Eagle and Krugerrand 1oz gold bullion coins offer investors an opportunity to protect their wealth with a solid investment piece. Due to collectability, legal tender status and rarity factors these coins often sell at higher prices than spot price of gold.


An investment in gold coins – be they rare numismatic pieces or the more modern American Gold Eagle bullion coin – can make an impressive addition to your collection, but before making any purchases it is essential that you understand a few key details about them first.

One of the most essential aspects of any coin is its grade. A coin with the same melt value and purity could still have differing grades that dramatically impact its price; for example, almost uncirculated coins should feature mint luster with minimal signs of circulation, while almost flawless (XF) ones should show virtually complete details with minor deterioration; these subtle variations in appearance can have profound ramifications on price; therefore it is imperative that buyers understand this grading system before purchasing any coins.


Gold coins are an ideal way to add numismatic value to any collection. Each coin offers something special, giving collectors an opportunity to find exactly the coins that suit their tastes and build a diverse portfolio.

Bullion investment coins typically boast a more straightforward history. Many were created within recent years to give investors an easy and cost-effective means of protecting their wealth.

1.oz gold bullion coins generally carry lower premiums over spot than their numismatic counterparts due to their lower face values and intended non-use as currency; in contrast, gold bars are only valued for their metal content and weight.


1 oz gold coins are manufactured at mints around the globe and each coin varies greatly in terms of design, history, technology and physical texture. While this variety may seem daunting at first, new investors don’t need to limit themselves by selecting only one coin when investing in Gold.

Investment bullion coins like those offered by the US Mint’s Gold Eagle series hold immense appeal for collectors and investors alike. Since bullion coins do not carry any numismatic value beyond their melt value of gold, they make for an easy addition to a diverse portfolio.

Gold prices are closely tracked on commodities markets and may fluctuate moment by moment – this sets the market price for your 1 oz gold bars.

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