How Do I Add Gold Coins to My IRA?

Those considering adding gold to their retirement accounts should contact a reputable precious metals investment company first. Such firms can assist you in understanding all the rules and regulations associated with physical gold holdings in an IRA account.

Investing in physical gold within an IRA can add diversification and protect savings against inflation, yet how do you go about making the investment? Here is some guidance.

Self-directed IRAs

Physical gold in an individual retirement account (IRA) can be an effective diversification strategy and help protect investments against market fluctuations, but you should remember there are a few rules from the IRS you need to abide by before doing so.

Gold investments eligible for an IRA must meet certain purity standards. Coins are most frequently chosen as investments; however, bullion bars that comply can also be purchased. You can buy these assets on a specialized exchange or through an IRA custodian.

Self-directed IRA custodians that specialize in precious metals offer the ideal solution. These companies can provide a comprehensive list of approved products, price match guarantee and portfolio tracking. In addition, these firms can help protect you by independently verifying information in your account statements; additionally it is advised to seek tax advice prior to making nontraditional investments.

Brokers and custodians

When investing in gold for an IRA, you must find a trustworthy trustee or custodian to hold it for you. These institutions typically include banks, trust companies, credit unions and brokerage firms that have been approved by federal or state regulatory agencies as asset-custody services providers to individuals.

These institutions handle all of the paperwork for both traditional and self-directed IRAs, and store your precious metal investments. While they cannot select and deliver gold coins or bullion for you directly, many have connections to hundreds of dealers nationwide that they work with to source product from.

When selecting a broker or custodian for your gold IRA, look for one with transparency and flexibility. Be sure to inquire as to their fees as these will vary based on which service provider is chosen; inquire whether segregated storage can protect from theft and damage while offering more privacy than allocated storage does.

Storage options

The IRS mandates that precious metals held within an IRA be stored at an approved depository. Yet some account holders take advantage of a loophole in tax law to buy gold bullion at home and store it there, potentially risking IRS scrutiny for this method of storage.

To purchase precious metals for an IRA in an efficient and cost-effective manner, Lear Capital provides exceptional gold purchasing and selling services with customer ratings exceeding 96% and a price-match guarantee.

Augusta Precious Metals is another top choice. Their coin and bar-based products meet IRA standards, while their inventory boasts coins and bars of various sizes. Furthermore, Augusta stores all metals using Brink’s and Delaware Depository Services ensuring maximum safety of investment as well as making tracking holdings simpler for investors. Augusta even provides a 7-day refund policy!


Gold IRAs provide investors with an effective means of diversifying their portfolio with tangible assets that tend to be less volatile than stocks and bonds, protecting against inflation while simultaneously mitigating risk. But before investing in precious metals IRAs there are certain key points they must keep in mind.

First step to selecting an IRA-eligible gold product is finding a trustworthy company that offers them. Make sure they possess all required licenses and insurance, in addition to being able to provide proof of purity with each transaction. Also avoid investing in coins that do not meet IRS purity guidelines such as Krugerrands which have low fineness ratings – these types of coins should never be included within an IRA investment account!

Augusta Precious Metals stands out as an exceptional provider, offering transparent fees and offering an expansive selection of gold bullion products eligible for retirement accounts (IRA). Furthermore, Augusta has received high reviews on Better Business Bureau as well as offering excellent customer service.

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