How Do I Add Physical Gold to My IRA?

How do I add physical gold to my IRA

Gold can be an effective way to diversify your retirement portfolio, yet can be costly due to one-time account setup fees, annual storage fees and storage charges that quickly add up.

IRAs allow you to invest in precious metals and other alternative assets safely. With a self-directed IRA, it is possible to buy physical gold using this route; such accounts can hold bullion, coins and bars that meet certain purity standards.


Gold-backed IRAs provide you with the means to diversify your retirement savings and protect them against inflation, while providing a safe place to store precious metals. However, it is vitally important that you understand its rules and regulations before investing – this will allow you to avoid costly errors that could thwart your goals!

Investing in physical gold requires selecting a company with clear fees. These may include account setup fees, annual storage and insurance fees and markups – though some firms claim not to charge such charges – this may be misleading.

Note that an IRA may only hold precious metals that meet IRS standards, such as gold bullion bars and coins as well as silver, platinum and palladium bullion meeting purity standards. Also keep in mind that upon reaching age 72 your gold IRA will become subject to required minimum distributions as is any retirement account.


Gold has always proven its worth during times of economic distress and inflation, providing diversification, protection, and potential growth to any retirement portfolio. If you want to invest in physical gold through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), self-directed IRAs allow you to select assets and metals on your own – such as bullion bars or coins from depository facilities that meet IRS guidelines; be wary of companies selling proof coins with high premiums over actual metal prices – these could potentially increase risk substantially over time.

Physical gold is an ideal investment choice for your IRA because it doesn’t involve counterparty risk like many other investments do. Furthermore, its value remains independent from external entities like fund managers.

IRA custodians

When searching for the ideal gold IRA custodian, make sure they provide an array of products and services, with knowledgeable staff members. Inquire into their fees as well, such as annual charges as well as storage and insurance costs. Also take time to visit their online site to ensure there is ample support and resources.

Gold IRAs allow investors to diversify their retirement portfolio by purchasing precious metals such as bullion and coins from approved depository facilities, safely stored. Furthermore, these assets provide protection from inflation as well as economic hardship in uncertain economic environments.

RC Bullion is an award-winning provider of gold IRA services, providing an array of precious metals with secure storage facilities at competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Their long history in the precious metals industry makes them an excellent option for individuals looking to add gold to their retirement portfolios.

IRA fees

Gold is an increasingly popular investment option for retirement accounts. Due to its low correlation with stocks and bonds, it provides diversification without increasing risk. Unfortunately, however, adding gold requires incurring fees for storage, insurance, and shipping fees before investing.

The IRS generally forbids individual retirement accounts (IRAs) from investing in collectible coins and metals, though there are exceptions. For instance, certain gold coins and bullion that meet specific purity standards may be invested in; however, their custodian must maintain physical possession of them during investment.

IRA investors can invest indirectly in precious metals by using exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that invest in companies in the gold industry or purchasing gold futures contracts. Before making large gold investments, however, investors should consult a fee-only financial planner and calculate the opportunity costs associated with storage, insurance and shipping charges associated with gold investments.

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