How Do I Buy Physical Gold in My IRA?

Gold has long been seen as an effective hedge against inflation, diversifying their portfolio. Unfortunately, many brokers and robo-advisors don’t offer physical gold coins, bars or bullion investments as an investment option.

Self-directed IRAs enable investors to purchase precious metals eligible for inclusion in an IRA through specialty custodians or firms. Get more acquainted with this process by requesting your free information kit today!

IRA Custodians

Precious metals like gold and silver offer investors a way to diversify their retirement portfolio with physical assets that don’t fluctuate on paper markets like stocks or mutual funds do. Indeed, precious metals often gain value during economic turmoil, providing an ideal protection against market downfall.

Custodians for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) can provide many different services, from helping you choose an investment to setting up and storing precious metals at an IRS-approved depository. You should aim for selecting a custodian with an excellent track record, low fees and numerous investment options.

Your precious metals IRA can be funded in various ways: either transferring assets from an existing IRA, rolling them over from another savings account, or receiving distributions in-kind whenever convenient provided they meet IRS rules for eligible gold and silver coins and bullion investments. When taking this approach, be mindful of shipping and insurance costs when considering your options.

IRA Funding

If you’re considering adding physical gold and silver to your retirement portfolio, there are a few things you need to be aware of. First and foremost is that the IRS prohibits storage facilities run by individual investors from housing such metals in an IRA account.

Precious metals should be stored in an IRS-approved depository or invest in an exchange traded fund (ETF), although this form of investment may be less tax efficient.

When selecting a company to handle your gold IRA rollover, search for one with an excellent reputation, low fees and an expansive range of investment options that is IRS approved. They must also offer direct institution-to-institution transfer so as to meet deadlines without losing investments to theft or damage. Storage facilities that offer segregated and allocated storage should also be prioritized when selecting your service provider.

IRA Account Setup

Gold IRAs allow you to diversify your retirement portfolio while investing in precious metals. Before making your decision on whether a gold-backed IRA is right for you, consult your financial advisor.

Establishing a self-directed IRA is relatively straightforward. Funds can either be transferred from an existing IRA custodian or by rolling over previous retirement accounts. Once funded, your custodian can purchase precious metals from U.S. Money Reserve distributors like Gold Spot International before having them sent directly to an IRS-approved depository for storage.

Keep in mind that physical gold should never be stored at home or in a safe; instead, it should be safely depository – such as an IRA-eligible vault. Coins and bullion purchased with this intent must come from an established dealer with all appropriate licenses, registrations, insurances and bonds in place; furthermore it’s essential to understand that self-directed IRAs for gold investments may take longer to sell than mutual funds or stocks/ETFs.

IRA Account Maintenance

Gold IRAs provide investors with an effective means of diversifying their retirement savings through physical precious metal investments, providing an effective hedge against inflation while potentially reaping tax advantages.

Opening and funding a gold IRA depends on which custodian you use; some charge one-time setup fees while others levy annual account management charges, asset and transaction charges or storage fees.

No matter which type of IRA you select, all investments must be held at an IRS-approved depository in order to abide by regulations. Storing gold at home or bank deposit boxes is not allowed and may result in early withdrawal penalties.

Starting the gold IRA process begins by selecting a reliable gold IRA company, who will assist in helping you select and purchase gold bullion coins or bars that comply with IRS purity standards. After making these selections, have them delivered directly to an approved depository for safekeeping.

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