How Do I Buy Physical Gold in My IRA?

With stock market fluctuations and inflation rising, many investors are turning to gold investments to diversify their retirement portfolio and protect themselves from inflation over time. Gold’s history of stable value appreciation makes it an effective inflation hedge while creating wealth over time.

Before investing in precious metals through your IRA, it’s essential that you understand their structure and any possible drawbacks or restrictions involved.

Precious Metals IRA Custodians

Investors whose retirement accounts were devastated in the recent stock market crash have taken steps to safeguard them by adding physical gold bullion purchases into their IRAs, through something called a precious metals IRA.

Investors looking to purchase precious metals as retirement investments must first open a custodial account with an organization specializing in these accounts, select a dealer who specializes in precious metals sales, and then finally select an IRS-approved depository to store their gold investments.

Moy notes that investors need a custodian who can recommend depositories that meet IRS requirements, with insurance covering metal stored there and storage fees, which often accumulate over time; typically charged annually. It should also be remembered that precious metals aren’t insured by either the federal government or FDIC in the same way stocks and bonds are.

How to Buy Physical Gold in Your IRA

Precious metal IRAs allow investors to invest in physical gold and other precious metal assets through self-directed accounts with custodians that support this form of investing. To start one, an account with one such custodian should be opened.

Most gold IRA custodians will utilize multiple third-party depository options that meet IRS guidelines for precious metals storage, usually through segregated accounts where your metals will remain separate.

Purchase and store physical gold yourself can also be an option, though this may prove more challenging. Before making any definitive decisions about the investments in your IRA account, be sure to speak to a qualified financial professional or certified public accountant first.

Buying Physical Gold in Your IRA

Self-directed IRAs allow investors to invest in physical gold and other precious metals without incurring tax penalties, but the process can be complex. A trustworthy gold IRA company will guide you through each step and ensure compliance with IRS rules. They can connect you with experienced custodians as well as recommend trustworthy dealers.

Addition of physical gold to an IRA is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, as its value tends to increase when stocks and bonds decrease in value. Gold provides additional protection from inflation and economic uncertainty.

Gold is not a liquid asset; as such, you won’t be able to withdraw funds for cash anytime soon. Therefore, gold should only represent a small proportion of your overall retirement savings plan and consult with a financial advisor beforehand so they can help determine an allocation suited to your risk tolerance and investment strategy.

Buying Physical Gold in Your Self-Directed IRA

Gold and precious metals tend to perform better when paper assets like stocks and bonds decline, making them an effective diversification strategy for retirement portfolios. But opening a gold IRA does require additional steps, such as finding a custodian who specializes in these accounts and making sure the precious metals you purchase comply with IRS rules.

Your IRA custodian will also be responsible for purchasing precious metals on your behalf and transporting them to a safe depository for storage. Your IRA company should be able to recommend an experienced custodian/depository combination.

As it relates to cashing out your precious metals, it is also essential to note that when selling them at some point you may need to deal with a third-party dealer who offers lower than market pricing for them. Many IRA companies can assist in selecting an honest dealer who pays you what the metals are worth in the marketplace.

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