How Do I Choose an IRA Custodian?

Selecting an IRA custodian is one of the most consequential decisions you will ever have to make. There are various factors that determine an IRA custodian’s suitability for you – fees, investment options and reputation all play a part.

Real estate, private equity, precious metals and privately held businesses are among the many investment options available to IRAs; however, not all custodians support such investments.


Fees should be an important consideration when selecting a custodian. Look for those that do not charge excessive annual account maintenance fees, loads for mutual funds and trade commissions as well as asset-based fees based on your account value.

Some IRA custodians specialize in traditional investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds; others (“self-directed”) offer alternative assets like real estate, promissory notes, private equity investments, physical gold and silver and tax liens. Not all investors may find self-directed IRAs suitable; therefore it’s essential that you find one suitable to you.

An ideal IRA custodian should offer knowledgeable specialists both online and via telephone to answer any of your inquiries, particularly if you manage a self-directed IRA. In addition, any reliable custodian should offer an intuitive website which enables users to track investments quickly and make transactions efficiently.

Investment options

Self-Directed IRA custodians are approved institutions approved by the Internal Revenue Service that hold, or “custody”, your retirement account assets in trust for you. Custodians could include banks, trust companies or any other institution approved by them; choosing the appropriate one can make a substantial impactful statement about your investing strategy. Many experts advise consolidating all IRA investments under one account to reduce fees and maximize returns – something many experts strongly advise against doing!

Custodians charge different fee structures, so it is wise to carefully evaluate all costs when making a decision. Some offer flat fees while others charge on a per transaction or asset basis model. It’s essential that you consider how these fees might impact the performance of your retirement account over time.

Investing in alternative assets like real estate or precious metals requires selecting a custodian who permits these forms of investment. Avoid companies whose charter restricts your choices.


A reliable custodian should provide references, testimonials, and other evidence of their expertise and service. Furthermore, their online website should make monitoring investments and making transactions efficient; any questions about Self Directed IRA investments should also be easily answered by them.

Selecting an ideal custodian is an important decision that can impact both investment returns and your time management requirements. When looking for a custodian, make sure they meet IRS requirements while offering multiple investment options with transparent fees structures.

Custodians must also implement systems to safeguard your information and restrict its access only to employees who require it in their jobs, like Madison Trust who utilizes a secure system to safeguard client financial data and ensure only authorized individuals can view it.


Selecting a custodian for your Guardian IRA is a critical decision that can have a considerable effect on its performance. While most custodians provide similar services, some may offer additional investment options or an enhanced technology platform than their peers. It is also essential to verify whether or not they are regulated by either SEC or FINRA before selecting one as your custodian.

A good IRA custodian should have an outstanding track record with IRS regulations and be willing to answer your questions and provide guidance. Furthermore, check their fees and costs transparently – such as whether they charge transaction fees or annual maintenance fees that depend on account value or transaction amount; make sure their website can easily and quickly enable you to manage and make transactions quickly.

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