How Do I Choose an IRA Custodian?

How do I become an IRA custodian

Self-directed IRA custodians are responsible for recording and processing transactions within an individual retirement account (IRA). As such, they should have extensive knowledge regarding regulations surrounding self-directed IRAs to steer investors away from prohibited transactions while providing clear communication.

Selecting an IRA custodian is an important decision, with several considerations such as fees and investment options to take into account. Look for an institution without charging annual account maintenance fees, mutual fund loads or trade commissions as this could reduce expenses over time.


Custodians are required by the IRS to report your IRA’s fair market value at the end of every year and report any investments or purchases your IRA has made during that year. They also must ensure you do not contribute more than allowed, while meeting all limitations and age requirements set by IRS.

An ideal IRA custodian should provide you with a variety of investment options at low fees with exceptional customer service and strong security systems to safeguard your personal information. They should also offer user-friendly websites as well as phone support should any issues arise during account administration.

When selecting a custodian, it is crucial that you utilize SEC, FINRA and state regulatory resources to confirm their licensing and registration as potential custodians. You should also carefully examine their fee structures as these could have significant ramifications on your account – the best custodians will have transparent fee schedules as well as open channels to address investor inquiries.


Fees charged by IRA custodians depend on the types of assets and investments chosen by an account holder, but can include low setup fees, light administrative charges and an annual account fee. Furthermore, those offering alternative investments may charge higher fees due to being more illiquid and hard to value.

Investors must check the credentials of their custodian to ensure they are an experienced financial institution, and also compare fees charged by different custodians to find the most cost-effective deal.

Investors should avoid incurring fees associated with illegal transactions or purchases of illegal assets as these expenses are non-tax deductible. Furthermore, it is vitally important to regularly verify information in account statements, especially asset prices and values; an independent third-party professional or market expert could provide this service.

Investment options

When selecting a custodian, search for one with an expansive array of investment choices – this should include non-traditional investments like real estate and privately-held companies. Furthermore, look for reasonable fees such as annual account maintenance fees, load fees for mutual funds and commission charges on trades. Furthermore, look for one staffed with knowledgeable specialists available online or over the telephone who can answer all your inquiries about your account.

If you want to invest in alternative assets, a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) custodian may be right for you. A SDIRA allows for investment beyond traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds – such as real estate and precious metals. Before opening an account with any prospective custodians, always inquire about fees and servicing times; additionally check if security protocols have been put into place to prevent hackers or breaches in customer data security.

Customer service

Your choice of custodian can have a dramatic impact on the kinds of investments available to you within an IRA. Certain custodians restrict which options they accept while others do not; for instance, if you wish to invest in non-traditional assets such as real estate or private equity you should opt for self-directed custodial accounts.

Fees charged by custodians should also be carefully considered when choosing one – such as annual account maintenance fees, load charges in mutual funds and trade commissions can significantly diminish the value of an IRA account.

Final step – it is essential to select a custodian with superior customer service. They should answer your inquiries quickly and clearly, be knowledgeable of regulations governing self-directed IRAs, assist you in avoiding prohibited transactions, have an online portal for monitoring investments and make the appropriate changes if they don’t; otherwise consider another custodian.

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