How Do I Convert an IRA to a Crypto IRA?

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, your first step should be locating a company that accepts cryptocurrency investments as most IRA custodians only allow traditional investments into their accounts.

Cryptocurrency investments have quickly become popular with retirement investors as it provides diversification benefits and tax deductions. However, it is vital to understand all associated risks and fees before considering crypto as a retirement investment option.

IRA Custodians

When investing in cryptocurrency, it is wise to find a custodian who can manage your IRA account and provide low fees, account management services and secure wallet services. Furthermore, these firms can advise on which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in as well as help select an apt cryptocurrency investment option suited for your specific needs.

An investment in Bitcoin IRAs may offer unparalleled growth; however, you should only allocate a small percentage of your retirement savings towards it due to high risks and unpredictable returns. Diversify your portfolio with other assets as needed for optimal growth.

When choosing an IRA custodian, pay close attention to their servicing times and communication styles. Select an organization with online access, simplified processes, reporting capabilities and reporting. Also inquire about additional fees like transaction and key storage charges as these could reduce returns over time.


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide numerous tax benefits when investing, such as avoiding capital gains taxes and protecting against inflation. Furthermore, cryptocurrency investments are decentralized and therefore unaffected by central bank policies – this makes a crypto IRA an appealing retirement asset alternative.

Although Bitcoin comes with significant risks, it can serve to diversify your retirement portfolio with this new asset. Just make sure not to place all of your retirement savings in this highly volatile asset! Additionally, be mindful of any fees associated with these accounts.

Many IRA providers charge both an annual account fee and a percentage of your total assets when trading. As fees can differ significantly between providers, it’s essential that you compare fees before making a decision. It is best to find an IRA provider without trading fees or has low account fees as this will make investing easier for you. In general, try looking for one with cryptocurrency investments available as this can help narrow your search down significantly.


Cryptocurrency IRA custodians tend to charge higher fees than traditional IRA custodians due to the unique requirements that cryptocurrency investing poses, including security and custody matters as well as reporting to the IRS – an overwhelming task for any custodian!

As fees can have an enormous effect on investment returns, selecting a custodian with competitive fees is critical for success. You should also compare trading fees; typically these are percentage-based and can add up quickly over time.

Bitcoin IRA was one of the first IRA custodians to offer a comprehensive cryptocurrency IRA solution, including dedicated account specialists, rolling over process and 24/7 live trading. Furthermore, they provide world-class security and custody for digital assets held with them; their storage system is powered by BitGo Inc – one of the leading providers of on-chain transactions – while they charge an initial one-time fee and minimal custodian and service fees.


Cryptocurrency is not tangible personal property that can be touched or held, thus exempting it from being subject to Code Section 408(m), which bars IRAs from holding collectibles. This allows investors to avoid paying taxes on gains made when investing.

Investors looking into an IRA should ensure the company they’re dealing with is fully licensed and regulated, such as a bank, trust company, credit union, or brokerage firm licensed to offer such accounts. Furthermore, there should be a strong security system; one example being CoinIRA which offers world-class security and custody services while its assets are stored offline via BitGo which is one of the leading Bitcoin transaction processors.

IRAs may offer tax-deferred savings opportunities, but they still may be susceptible to inflationary pressures. Investors should keep this in mind before transitioning their traditional IRA into a crypto IRA and consider any fees charged by their custodian – some charge an annual account fee while others take a percentage of trades or the total value of the account as fees.

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