How Do I Hold Physical Gold in My IRA?

Gold has long been prized as an asset, due to its proven record in protecting against inflation and maintaining wealth over the long-term. You can invest in physical precious metals using an IRA; however, for maximum flexibility use a self-directed IRA account.

Self-directed IRAs allow you to invest in anything legal under tax code, including gold and other precious metals. However, you will also need a custodian who will protect the precious metals.


Selecting an IRA custodian is an important aspect of investing in precious metals retirement accounts. These companies oversee your IRA portfolio to ensure it complies with IRS regulations, offer customer service and security features for protection, and may charge fees based on investment amount or value of assets held in an IRA – it is vitally important that fees be considered when comparing custodians.

The top gold IRA custodians provide investors with guidance and advice, helping them make the best choices for their financial future. Additionally, they will assist you with finding qualified precious metals distributors, as well as store your IRA-eligible gold in an IRS-approved depository. Furthermore, they provide assistance with purchase transactions as well as ongoing account maintenance support; some notable custodians include Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold Group Oxford Gold Group Lear Capital Noble Gold and GoldBroker.


Gold is an expensive physical investment that must be securely stored. Since gold does not produce income, its purchase and holding costs tend to be higher than other investments; additionally, due to limited industrial or jewelry uses for it investors must store their precious metals either at a depository facility or their home safes.

To hold physical gold in an IRA, first find an IRS-approved depository and custodian. After purchasing eligible gold or precious metals and sending them over for depositing into the depository, pay an annual storage fee as part of your total fee to them.

One effective way to diversify your retirement portfolio is through precious metal investments like gold and silver. A reliable company like Augusta Precious Metals provides investors with products and services designed to diversify their portfolios; their customer service is excellent and has earned top ratings from industry organizations as well as satisfied customers.


Although it’s legal to purchase precious metals directly, it might not be in your best interests. Under IRA rules and regulations, an approved custodian for your precious metals IRA must be used instead. A reliable custodian will purchase and store it safely for you; your gold IRA company may recommend custodians; alternatively you may select them yourself.

Precious metals differ from traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds in that they’re less liquid assets; that means you may hold your IRA gold for long enough to generate returns through “buy and hold” strategies. Due to this longer term play, when cashing out your account it may require additional steps – especially because the IRS treats distributions from precious metals IRAs as income subject to taxes just like any retirement account (in addition to storage fees that may incur).


Gold IRAs allow investors to use retirement funds for buying physical precious metals such as gold. Investors must select a custodian such as John Johnson of GoldStar Trust Company located in Canyon, Texas as their custodian for this transaction, according to John.

Physical gold investments differ from paper investments in that they can easily be sold in the market; however, sellers may offer less than wholesale pricing, potentially causing investors to face capital loss.

Augusta Precious Metals, founded by Hall-of-Famer quarterback Joe Montana and offering an extensive gold IRA selection with thousands of five-star reviews has emerged as a market leader among gold IRA companies.

The company provides consumers with access to an IRA specialist who is on hand to answer questions and walk them through the process of opening one. They can identify investments that are tax-efficient such as pure gold bars and coins as well as helping consumers understand the requirements set by the IRS for precious metal IRAs, including that bullion must weigh at least one ounce.

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