How Do I Put My IRA Into Gold?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are among the most tax-efficient and cost-effective investments for retirement, and with proper planning can provide significant returns.

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, allows you to invest in both traditional and Roth investments such as stocks, bonds and certificates of deposit – but there are certain rules and restrictions you need to abide by in order to use one successfully.


Though some regulatory safeguards help safeguard your retirement savings, ultimately your IRA’s security ultimately depends on how it’s invested. To safeguard its value from financial crises, invest wisely by increasing diversification and setting long-term goals rather than trying to minimize short-term market fluctuations.

Also, avoid investing your IRA in collectibles such as artwork, antiques, rugs, gems, stamps, coins or alcoholic beverages that result in taxable distributions; such transactions constitute prohibited transactions that could subject you to the 10% penalty if you’re under age 59 1/2.

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“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” can be applied to investing, where diversifying assets across multiple assets will reduce any impacts from market instability or company collapse.

Diversifying your portfolio involves numerous investments, but three main categories stand out: stocks, bonds and cash alternatives. Each type offers different levels of risk and return potential – stocks tend to offer the greatest growth potential while being more volatile than bonds.

Retirement investors typically need a balanced portfolio with more stocks than bonds due to having longer time horizons and accepting volatility for potential higher returns. Altering your investment allocation may have tax repercussions; conversely, speaking to a Facet CFP(r) Professional about these changes can help reduce potential complications.


Gold can be an excellent way to diversify retirement savings and hedge against inflation, but it’s essential that investors understand its risks before diving in. Because gold is not cash-based investment, its value may fluctuate according to supply and demand for it; theft risk also exists although most IRA custodians provide protection from this scenario.

Precious metals IRAs, also referred to as gold IRAs, can hold other precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium – so search online for “precious metals IRA”. Typically self-directed, these accounts allow investors to select investments outside the traditional options such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Before making your purchase, ensure to compare the reputations of various gold IRA companies as well as their Better Business Bureau ratings. Also take into consideration any associated fees with investing in precious metals IRAs such as setup, transaction storage and custodial fees.

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