How Do I Roll My IRA Into Precious Metals?

How do I roll my IRA into precious metals

Gold can help diversify and protect your retirement portfolio and savings, acting as a powerful shield against inflation while protecting purchasing power during economic downtrends.

First step to opening a Gold IRA is finding a reliable Gold IRA company, who will guide you through the process and set up an account with a custodian for you either directly or indirectly through rollovers.

IRA Rollovers

As part of your job switch, it may be advantageous to move any retirement savings held within your old employer’s workplace plan or traditional IRA into your new account – this can save money on fees while making it easier to track your goals for retirement.

If you opt for a direct rollover, your financial institution will transfer assets directly from your old account or plan to your new IRA account. Otherwise, an indirect rollover can take place with plan administrator sending you a check made payable to your old account/plan, leaving it up to you to deposit that sum within 60 days into a new IRA account.

One indirect IRA-to-IRA rollover per 12-month period is allowed, after which your taxes could be withheld and treated as taxable income by the IRS, potentially incurring an early withdrawal penalty of 10%. To avoid this situation, whenever possible it would be wiser to opt for trustee-to-trustee rollover.

Self-Directed IRAs

Self-directed IRAs allow investors to invest in alternative assets not typically available through traditional retirement accounts, such as real estate, secured promissory notes and tax liens. While self-directed IRAs may provide higher potential returns than their traditional counterparts, they also come with higher risks and may carry higher levels of volatility.

Your investments require thorough scrutiny to avoid violating IRS rules that prohibit prohibited transactions, which could compromise your tax benefits. Red flags to watch for include brand new investment companies with little track record, claims of unreasonably high returns or no third-party verification.

Verifying account statements, such as prices and asset values, requires verifying information such as prices and asset valuations from independent professionals or researching tax assessment records. Alternative assets may be difficult to value accurately and therefore make selling difficult when needed – additional fees may apply when moving between custodians or adding or withdrawing investments from an account.

Precious Metals IRAs

Precious metals make a valuable asset diversifier for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), providing protection from inflation and helping stabilize portfolios during times of economic instability. Furthermore, precious metals benefit from various market conditions while acting as countercyclical assets gaining in value when stocks or bonds decline in value.

The IRS has established specific rules regarding what kinds of precious metals may be purchased with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Typically, only coins and bars that meet certain fineness standards are eligible to be added into an IRA account. An investor must use an approved depository when storing precious metals within their IRA account – they cannot store them at home or keep them hidden away in a safe deposit box.

Investing in physical gold and silver through your IRA doesn’t need to be complicated; just find a trustworthy precious metals IRA provider who can guide you through the process and complete it efficiently. They will assist in opening a self-directed IRA, moving funds from existing accounts, as well as purchasing precious metals on your behalf.


Many IRAs are comprised of stocks and bonds, but precious metals can provide a safe haven in volatile market conditions. A precious metals IRA rollover allows you to invest in IRS-approved gold coins and bars while safeguarding your retirement savings against inflation and government confiscation.

When investing in gold IRAs, it’s best to work with an experienced custodian company that specializes in precious metals IRAs. Your custodian company should purchase and store your precious metal in secure facilities approved by the IRS – Augusta Precious Metals suggests facilities like Brinks Depository and Delaware Depository as safe locations.

If you want to move funds from an existing retirement account into your precious metals IRA, either directly or indirectly is necessary. A direct rollover involves direct trustee-to-trustee transactions between accounts without incurring withholding taxes or penalty fees for those under 59.5. An indirect rollover requires moving the money within 60 days – potentially incurring withholding taxes of 10% in some instances for individuals aged below 59.5 years old.

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