How Do I Roll My IRA Into Precious Metals?

Rollover IRAs provide an ideal means to diversify your retirement portfolio into physical gold coins and bullion bars – an invaluable way to protect against inflation.

Precious metals IRAs typically charge annual storage, insurance and management fees that make them cost-effective when you rollover larger sums.

IRA rollovers

Rollovers involve moving funds from an employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k), into an individual retirement account (IRA). This enables you to retain tax-advantaged status of your savings for retirement purposes. Many people complete a rollover when changing jobs or retiring.

Direct and indirect rollovers for IRAs exist. Indirect transfers typically involve more steps, yet are usually less expensive. Furthermore, indirect rollovers require taking out required minimum distributions (RMDs) prior to initiating their transfer.

Investors looking to add precious metals to their portfolio can do so via physical coins and bars, ETFs that track these metals, stocks that mine or produce these metals or futures contracts that give exposure to price of these metals. Whatever approach is taken it’s essential that investors keep in mind the applicable U.S. federal income taxes before committing.

IRA loans

Fund a precious metals IRA by taking funds out of other retirement accounts. However, to do this correctly and comply with IRS’ 60-day rollover rule. Otherwise, withdrawals could be treated as distributions subject to taxes and penalties. Furthermore, money from traditional or Roth IRAs only should be used; self-directed IRAs (SDIRAs) cannot be used when investing physical gold and silver.

SDIRA providers will help you select gold and silver bullion or coins to invest in, before working with a custodian to have them delivered directly to a facility that specializes in storing these precious metals. Investing in precious metals is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio against inflation or deflation and boost retirement income; Augusta Precious Metals provides Gold IRAs as one option among many available to meet all of your investment needs.

IRA custodians

Custodians for self-directed or alternative asset retirement accounts (IRA) are accountable for overseeing its daily operations, from investing based on your directions as an IRA owner, taking custody of assets such as real estate, private equity, precious metals and notes/loans owned by an IRA, filing transactions with the IRS and reporting activity related to an IRA account.

Trust companies, banks and credit unions often serve as retirement account administrators, offering both traditional and Roth IRAs for retirement accounts of all kinds; including self-employed 401(k) plans, SIMPLE IRAs and Coverdell IRAs.

Some IRA custodians specialize in alternative investments while others focus on conventional assets; neither may be ideal choices for rolling over Gold IRAs; as most revenue generated from fees related to holding an IRA is from fees related to keeping that asset, permitting investors to invest in alternative assets outside the custodial pool would make little financial sense.

IRA providers

If you want to convert your IRA into precious metals, the first step will be finding an IRA provider who specializes in this form of account. This could include banks, brokerage firms or insurance companies who will act as custodians of your new account and ensure all IRS regulations are followed while also helping facilitate purchases of gold and other metals and ensure safe storage.

Physical gold and silver investments provide many financial advantages, including being a hedge against inflation or deflation, being more secure than paper assets that may be vulnerable to hacking and other forms of fraud, not subject to bankruptcy, seizure by creditors, etc.

Search online for “gold IRA” or “precious metals IRA.” Some providers charge one-time fees to open your account while others levy annual charges; Rosland Capital for instance charges both an initial one-time fee of $50 as well as annual storage and insurance fees totalling approximately $225 annually for your precious metals stored with them at their secure depository facility.

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