How Do I Rollover My IRA to Gold Or Silver?

How do I rollover my IRA to gold or silver

Rollover IRAs enable investors to transfer funds between retirement accounts without incurring tax penalties, making them ideal if you’re looking for physical gold and silver investments. A rollover into a precious metals IRA could also be the ideal solution if this investment option appeals.

To complete a direct rollover, all it takes to achieve it is contacting your current IRA custodian and providing them with your new account information. After the transfer has taken place, simply select your gold and/or silver items (only certain ones qualify per IRS rules) from their available selection and have your account custodian purchase it on your behalf.

The Basics

IRS only permits one penalty-free rollover per year, so be careful in how you approach this transfer. One way to minimize potential headaches associated with improper transfers is working with a company offering both IRA custodian services and precious metals investing expertise.

Gold IRAs are self-directed retirement accounts that enable investors to hold physical metals such as gold, silver and platinum coins or bullion bars tax-deferred or tax-free in their portfolio. While stocks and mutual funds can also be invested in an IRA account, this law specifically names precious metals as eligible investments for these accounts.

Once you locate a reliable precious metals IRA company, opening and funding an IRA is simple. After placing your money into the account, simply choose which types of gold (only certain varieties are eligible per IRS rules) to buy before having them delivered directly to a secure storage facility.

Getting Started

If you decide to rollover your IRA into precious metals, make sure it is done with an IRS-approved custodian and through an honest company that offers comprehensive information on their gold IRA process. This can help reduce hidden fees and ensure that your investment is handled safely.

Trustworthy gold IRA rollover companies will take care of all the paperwork necessary for you. In addition, they provide you with access to reputable precious metal dealers so you can select metals which meet your financial goals and portfolio needs best.

Precious metals offer a valuable way to diversify your retirement portfolio, yet are limited investments within one asset class that may suffer value decline in an economic crisis. Therefore, it’s wise to consult a trusted financial advisor prior to making any decisions about your IRA account.


Many retirement investors understand the advantages of diversifying their portfolio by including assets less susceptible to stock markets or currency debasement; gold IRA rollover is an ideal way to accomplish this objective.

Not to be forgotten when considering a rollover are the tax implications associated with doing so. Any funds withdrawn must be reinvested within 60 days or else they become taxable and only one rollover per year will be permitted.

Importantly, precious metals should only ever be stored with a reliable, insured depository. Although some companies claim you can store bullion at home, this often puts assets at risk from theft or loss. Furthermore, failure to comply with IRS requirements could result in financial penalties; consequently most IRA custodians require clients to store precious metals within their facility.


Rollovers from traditional to gold or silver IRAs typically do not incur fees, however there may be establishment charges and additional costs that vary by institution.

Annual expenses related to storage, insurance and management associated with any IRA account exist as well. While precious metals IRAs can be more cost effective when larger than typical ones – one reason many investors opt to consolidate existing IRAs into precious metals ones.

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