How Do I Rollover My IRA to Silver?

Direct transfers or rollovers allow you to move money from an IRA into another type of account without having to pay taxes, with certain rules that must be observed in order to do so successfully.

The IRS allows one direct rollover per year. Please refer to the chart below to determine which accounts qualify.


Are You Concerned about Rising Interest Rates, Global Economic Instability or Chinese Yuan Inclusion in International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights Basket of Reserve Currencies? Silver may provide a safe haven. One effective strategy to diversify your retirement portfolio with these assets would be by switching over from your conventional IRA into a silver Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (SDIRA).

SDIRAs are a form of traditional, Roth and SEP IRA that enable investors to make direct investments without being subject to taxes until withdraws are made or you reach retirement age.

Finding a reputable SDIRA provider with multiple investment options, secure storage solutions and expert advice is essential for the successful development of your account. When researching various providers, pay particular attention to fees they charge, customer service channels used and education resources available. Also be on the lookout for one which allows “in-kind distribution”, meaning metals will physically transfer over to your new account rather than having to liquidate existing assets first.

Easy to Do

Add silver to your retirement account as an effective means of diversification against paper assets and volatile markets. Silver has shown significant long-term growth potential over time and currently trades at a discount compared to gold.

A precious metals IRA can be opened with Traditional, Roth or SEP accounts to provide investors with an opportunity to invest in physical silver coins and bars stored at an IRS-approved depository until you reach age 59 12 at which point they can either take physical possession of them themselves or sell them back for cash.

Be sure to research all available precious metals IRA companies thoroughly, paying particular attention to setup fees, annual fees and storage options. Furthermore, it’s vitally important that companies meet regulatory compliance. Our recommended Silver IRA provider Noble Gold Investments boasts excellent reviews with stellar ratings that cover every aspect of acquiring silver for an IRA including setting up paperwork and safely storing physical silver assets.

Easy to Set Up

Silver can be an attractive investment option for investors seeking to diversify their retirement portfolios. Due to its tangible and physical nature, silver has proven its resilience through volatile economic times by holding on to its value over time.

Silver IRA rollovers allow you to quickly transfer funds from your current retirement account into a self-directed IRA that invests in precious metals like bullion or coins, creating a new self-directed IRA that invests exclusively in them. Rolling over is simple – simply request direct IRA rollover by phone from your existing custodian, who will then move your funds directly over.

Once your money has been transferred into a new account, the next step should be deciding what type of silver to invest in. A company like Noble Gold Investments can assist in setting up a silver IRA with minimal fees and excellent Better Business Bureau ratings – providing all of the paperwork for IRS rollover.

Diversify Your Assets

An investment account provides an ideal way to diversify your portfolio with precious metals like silver. Thanks to its low price point and historical importance, silver stands out as an appealing addition. Gold, platinum and palladium also make excellent additions.

Remembering all IRS guidelines when transferring assets into your new self-directed precious metals IRA is of utmost importance when setting up this account. Transferring is quick and straightforward; just work with a reliable IRA provider who understands their regulations.

American Bullion provides an easy and efficient rollover process that can help complete your current IRA. We work closely with both your IRA custodian and physical precious metal dealer so that you can invest in Silver IRA products of your choosing and then store these at one of the nation’s most secure depositories, the Delaware Depository.

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