How Do I Sell My Inherited Gold?

How do I sell my inherited gold

An heirloom jewelry from your family holds significant sentimental value; however, if you plan to sell it or trade it, its true worth must be assessed before proceeding.

This will enable you to determine if any taxes are due, as well as determine the best way to sell it; gold items have various markets for resale.


An inheritance of gold or silver can be both thrilling and gratifying; but, with it comes many important questions for beneficiaries when making the decision of how best to liquidate these assets. These considerations include their financial goals and risk tolerance, researching reliable dealers, as well as considering any tax implications of selling.

At Scottsdale Bullion & Coin, our goal is to find you the highest possible cash offer. When selling coins to dealers such as Scottsdale Bullion & Coin we provide free appraisals with accurate cash offers based on each coin’s true market value.

Additionally, it’s essential to understand that gold inherited by you from another individual or source can be considered a capital asset by the IRS and subject to capital gains taxes. Therefore, before selling any of your inherited gold investments it would be prudent to consult a tax expert so you can ensure receiving full value for your investments.


Gold has long held cultural and financial significance throughout history. More than just a physical asset, gold can provide us with a way of connecting our present lives to those from our ancestry’s sacrifices and achievements.

Assuming you inherit gold can take many forms, it’s crucial that you sort through each type before selling or donating them. Collector coins with significant numismatic value could hold more worth than their weight and purity and should be carefully assessed prior to being sold off or donated.

As with heirloom jewelry, it should be cataloged and kept safe so it can be enjoyed for years. Pawn shops or other low-grade buyers are unlikely to offer you their true worth – for maximum return find a trusted buyer that offers more for your gold.


Assuming ownership of precious metal assets can be both thrilling and bewildering. Beneficiaries will likely feel pressure to liquidate immediately; however, it’s wiser to take some time and do your research first before making decisions quickly. It is also vital that beneficiaries understand any tax implications related to gold inheritances.

As soon as you inherit precious metals, one of the first steps should be having them appraised by a reliable dealer. Along with their gold content, many coins also possess numismatic value; so working with someone specialized in precious metals will provide the most accurate assessment of resale value.

Step two is to organize and catalog all inherited assets, which will make selling them much simpler while ensuring maximum return for each item. This step is particularly essential when selling rare coins; be it to declutter, redistribute assets, or fund new ventures; it is imperative that you select an ideal buyer.


Assembling gold and precious metals can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but before selling any such assets it is vital that you understand their legal implications and whether the IRS imposes capital gains taxes which vary based on individual circumstances. Furthermore, having them appraised will facilitate this process while guaranteeing you get top dollar for them.

No matter your decision to keep or sell an inheritance of gold, it is vital that you work with an established and knowledgeable precious metals dealer. They can evaluate both its gold content and numismatic value; furthermore they can advise you on the most suitable course of action depending on your current needs and long-term investment goals; be it selling for cash or moving it into another asset class.

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