How Do I Sell My Inherited Gold?

As soon as someone inherits precious metal assets, they often feel confused as to their best course of action. While it is tempting to liquidate these assets quickly, making hasty decisions could result in receiving less than their true worth.

As it relates to gold investments, it is wise to consult your financial, pensions, legal and tax advisors in order to make an informed decision.


Assuming ownership of gold or coin collections can be both exciting and daunting. Beneficiaries will have several choices when determining how best to handle their inheritance, from keeping, selling or investing the coins. To make an informed decision it’s essential that beneficiaries understand the current market value of their assets – this information can then be used for tax calculations as well as making informed financial decisions.

Coins have value that resides both in their bullion content and their numismatic worth, or both. A reliable precious metals dealer will consider both factors when valuing your coins; additionally they will consider condition of each coin and current gold prices when making an evaluation decision.

Take your time when assessing the value of your inheritance. Too often beneficiaries rush into liquidating assets too quickly and end up accepting offers far below their true worth – potentially costing thousands in damages. Before selling coins, shop around and consult multiple dealers for the best offer possible.


Jewelry inheritance from loved ones can be an exciting keepsake, or it can provide an opportunity to clear away clutter or raise cash by selling pieces containing precious metals and stones that hold both sentimental and monetary value.

When selling, always seek an appraisal by a certified professional to gain a better idea of its true market value rather than retail replacement value. Avoid going directly to pawn shops or jewelers as these places often pay far less than what an item actually deserves.

Auction houses – both physical and online – may also provide an avenue for selling jewelry belonging to loved ones, although this process could take more time and costs more if items of high value or rareness exist. Furthermore, auction houses typically charge listing fees or commission fees which could prove costly if your jewelry items have high monetary values or rarity factors.


If you inherit a large collection of gold coins or bullions, it’s essential that you discover their value quickly. A trusted precious metals dealer can perform an appraisal by assessing weight, purity and current market rates – providing a complete assessment of value.

Organising and cataloguing your gold can also ensure its efficient sale at maximum value. Seek multiple buyers so that you receive fair and competitive offers for it.

No matter your choice for handling or selling the gold you inherited, it is crucial that your decisions fit with your financial and estate planning objectives. Seek advice from a qualified financial, pensions, legal or tax advisor in order to avoid costly errors that could jeopardise its long-term value.

Precious metals dealers

Precious metals are often passed from generation to generation, creating jewelry collections with both sentimental and financial value. To determine its true worth, whether you keep or sell off these precious assets it’s essential that you understand their true worth.

Many heirs looking to liquidate inherited precious metals quickly opt for quick methods that result in selling below market prices, often without researching which dealers would best meet your needs and ensure your precious metals are handled in an equitable and transparent way. With education on finding suitable precious metal dealers for the task you can ensure your precious metals are handled fairly and equitably.

To select a reputable dealer, it’s important to consider factors like reputation and experience, customer service, product selection and availability, pricing transparency and terms and conditions. Furthermore, seeking out dealers who belong to respected industry associations typically indicates stability and integrity.

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