How Do I Sell My Inherited Gold?

How do I sell my inherited gold

If you have an inherited collection of precious metal coins, selling may be in your best interests. But there are some key points you must take into consideration before making this decision.

First and foremost, it’s important to realize that the IRS taxes inherited gold as capital gains; however, there may be ways you can minimize your tax liability.

Getting Appraisals

One of the first steps when inheriting gold becomes available to you should be commissioning an appraisal from a reputable precious metals dealer. A piece’s value may differ depending on its age, quality of craftsmanship and current prices of stones and precious metals as well as demand for certain coin types with history attached – like European gold coins.

Even if you don’t plan on selling immediately, it is advisable to get an insurance appraisal for any precious metal pieces you own. Burglaries are common in wealthy neighborhoods and gated communities; being prepared can reduce risks. Thus it’s advisable to establish the value of any precious metal assets before being burglarized occurs.

Assigning value to an inherited coin collection can be challenging. But they often contain additional numismatic value that extends beyond gold content alone. An experienced coin dealer can give an accurate appraisal and give advice on your best options for preservation and sale.

Gathering Your Inheritance

Planning your inheritance carefully can ensure you use it wisely and honor its owner while providing a solid financial basis for future generations.

Alternatively, seek professional guidance if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your newfound wealth. A certified financial planner can assist in taking inventory of both current and future goals in order to design an individualized investment strategy to use with your inheritance.

Precious metals specialists also offer evaluation services for your inherited gold coins. This process is safe and simple. Inheriting gold can add additional collectible value as it carries both monetary and numismatic aspects; this may drive its price higher as a collectible or investment asset depending on which state your inheritance lies within; still it’s advisable to get an appraisal before making decisions regarding selling them off.

Choosing a Buyer

No matter if you want to sell gold coins for cash or trade them into another asset, selecting a reliable precious metals dealer is crucial. They will assess their true worth and ensure you receive maximum return for your assets. Be wary of “cash for gold” businesses that take advantage of individuals unaware of the true worth of their collection by preying on their ignorance.

Dependent upon the value of your inheritance, selling gold assets may incur taxes; however, these liabilities can often be offset by investing the proceeds into another asset class such as real estate or private equity. By following the steps outlined here and keeping up-to-date on Gold spot price from APMEX, you can be certain you’re making smart investment decisions when liquidating it. For more information regarding selling your inherited Gold please reach out to one of their knowledgeable specialists today at APMEX.


Assuming ownership of precious metals can be both exciting and confusing. Many don’t understand the tax ramifications of their inheritance – which includes taxation by both federal and state governments over specific dollar thresholds.

Precious metals, like any financial investment, may be subject to capital gains tax when sold. To accurately assess this tax liability of precious metals investments sold after death, one needs to know their cost basis; that is, their market value at time of death.

Before selling an inheritance of gold, it’s essential to understand its tax laws. Once informed of these, you can choose whether to sell them off for cash or transfer them into another asset class which best meets your current and long-term investment goals. If any questions arise regarding these tax regulations, speak with an experienced precious metals dealer for guidance.

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