How Does Glenn Beck Make His Money?

Where does Glenn Beck get his money

Glenn Beck is a popular radio host, political commentator, author, television network producer and media entrepreneur known for his conservative political viewpoint and large fan base.

He became well-known through his controversial views and passionate delivery. However, he battled alcoholism and drug addiction but eventually managed to break free.


Glenn Beck is still going strong as CEO of his own media company, The Blaze News Network and Online Video Channel, even after leaving Fox News behind. Despite these endeavors not contributing directly to his income stream, he continues to rake in millions annually from various endeavors like radio shows, books, TV production and The Blaze news website & online video channel – making millions each year.

In 2018, he combined TheBlaze and CRTV into Blaze Media, an American conservative media network. Additionally, he is known for writing several best-selling books.

Glenn Beck is an indisputable media icon. Known for his outspoken views on politics and culture, he has attracted both praise and criticism over time due to his controversial statements and ability to find himself involved in controversial political debates. However, there’s no question that despite life’s obstacles he’s made an impression as an entrepreneur who continues to prosper in business despite them.

Mercury Radio Arts

Glenn Beck earned $32 Million last year, the majority coming from his media company Mercury Radio Arts, which manages his best-selling books, sold-out sweater concerts, and successful website.

Beck was fired by Fox News, so he took his show over to The Blaze which he purchased along with its studios and production facilities in New York. But even that did not stop his quest for more and more money.

Today, Beck has built an expansive media empire which encompasses Blaze TV, TheBlaze online subscription service, Mercury Radio, GBTV, American Dream Labs Mercury Ink 1791 Supply & Co and other ventures and websites. He reportedly makes an estimated annual salary from The Blaze alone and another multimillion-dollar income through book sales, other television shows and business ventures; merchandise such as his iconic t-shirts and survivalist kits are also sold through these enterprises. With this wealth he supports various philanthropic causes while financing new ventures of his own as well.

Mercury One

Glenn Beck has become well-known as an entrepreneur, radio host and New York Times best-selling author. Additionally, he is known as an influential political commentator with a vast following among his supporters. Glenn credits much of his success to hard work and perseverance through some tough situations.

Beck is the founder of Mercury One, a charitable foundation with the goal of revitalizing human spirits on local and global levels through humanitarian aid, disaster relief partnerships, and historical teaching. His board includes notable Republicans such as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Senator John McCain – two prominent Republicans from his political camp.

Beck is estimated to be earning between $30-40 Million each year through his radio shows, book sales, television pursuits and TheBlaze TV empire. Additionally, he owns a luxury Texas mansion featuring six bedrooms and nine bathrooms on 3.5 acres.

1791 Supply & Co.

Glenn Beck’s passion for brand expansion — and love of all things American — have given him an outstanding clothing line. Made right here in America and costing only $130 each pair is quite reasonable when considering its quality craftsmanship.

Glenn Beck outlines on 1791 Supply & Co’s website his motivations for founding 1791 Supply & Co: “I wanted to create a company that reminded people of a time when they could stand with pride of who they were, where they came from, and their beliefs.”

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro’s bold political activism and commanding on-air presence have earned him a large, loyal audience and top ratings on Fox News and radio, in addition to numerous book deals. Additionally, his production and business ventures include TheBlaze, Mercury Radio Arts, Mercury One, GBTV Mercury Ink American Dream Labs Marketplace by TheBlaze 1791 Supply & Co.

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