How Does Gold in an IRA Work?

Gold has maintained its value over millennia and can serve to diversify a retirement portfolio while protecting it against inflation.

However, opening and closing a precious metals IRA involves additional considerations not commonly seen with traditional IRAs. Here are some major issues to keep in mind when opening and closing such an account:.


Keep several things in mind when investing in gold via an IRA. First and foremost is the IRS’ stringent rules on precious metal IRA investments; only certain coins and bullion satisfying specific fineness requirements are eligible. Furthermore, collectible investments are prohibited while metals must be stored at an approved depository. Some gold IRA companies have also been accused of engaging in questionable sales tactics, promising excessive amounts of free silver upon opening an account.

Precious metals IRAs tend to be more costly than their paper asset counterparts due to additional fees such as storage and custodial fees that don’t apply to paper assets, and the difficulty in accessing cash when needed. To minimize this risk, investors should look into self-directed IRA companies that partner with reliable depository organizations, while also comparing prices of coins and bars offered by various IRA providers before making their purchase decision.


While investing in physical precious metals via an IRA is possible, a few things should be kept in mind before doing so. First off, according to IRS regulations you must store gold at an approved depository; any violation could trigger distribution penalties.

Keep in mind that precious metals IRAs often require additional fees, including setup, transaction and custodial charges as well as storage fees for your precious metals. Finally, theft or loss risks must also be carefully considered when making this investment decision.

These risks can drive up the costs associated with precious metals IRAs, so it is critical that you select a reliable custodian and invest wisely. If you are considering setting up a gold IRA, U.S. Money Reserve offers guidance and support services to assist with meeting IRS requirements as well as guidance regarding the types of metals to purchase and storage options available to you.


Gold and other precious metals offer various advantages over more conventional investment classes, including their history of stability during financial crises, protection against currency devaluations and their fixed supply that cannot be changed.

Gold IRAs work similarly to traditional and Roth IRAs in that the contributions you make will be taxed when taken out in retirement. Therefore, you need to determine your anticipated income before determining if investing in one makes sense for you.

Since gold IRAs are more specialized, their account fees tend to be higher than conventional IRA accounts, such as custodian fees, transaction costs for purchasing physical gold and storage costs. Some gold IRA companies even employ dubious tactics like offering excessive free silver to investors to lure them in; it would be wiser if you found an honest custodian without additional or hidden charges.


IRAs are retirement accounts funded with pretax dollars that grow tax-deferred until withdrawal at retirement age. Gold has long been considered an attractive investment due to its track record of protecting from economic downturns and currency devaluation.

If you decide to invest in gold, IRS regulations prohibit holding precious metals within your personal possession or at home. Trustee services often have their own facilities for storage while some work with third party metals depository services.

Gold IRA companies typically charge fees to facilitate transactions and manage accounts, including an account setup fee and annual custody, management and storage fees that may be higher than with other types of retirement accounts. You also must pay seller markup on any gold you purchase as it may vary; when closing out an account a dealer may offer wholesale rates instead of retail rates for purchasing your gold.

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