How Many Grams is a Gold Lira Coin?

These coins are prized for their historical appeal and make an ideal investment, retirement, or collecting portfolio piece. Their gold content gives these coins great intrinsic value that is reflected by premiums above market prices.

These coins recall Italy’s modern, united monarchy. Many feature portraits of Victor Emanuel or Umberto I on one side while on the other features the Italian coat of arms.


Gold liras are highly prized by both investors and collectors for their gold content, historical significance, and intricate designs. When purchasing these coins, be sure to factor in both its actual gold weight (AGW) and purity as well as condition/rarity when making your decision.

These Italian coins were first released for circulation in 1861 to commemorate Italy’s unification, commemorating Victor Emanuel II as monarch and Umberto I as his assassin until 1900. Because of their gold content and historic value, these coins make for great additions to any precious metals portfolio or IRA investment strategy – consider investing now! These gold liras contain 6.6 grams of pure gold!


Turkey, located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, boasts a long tradition of producing gold coins. First introduced as currency in 1844 (lira replacing Piastres and Kurus), gold coin production continues today in Turkey.

These historical pieces make an excellent addition to the collections of collectors interested in Italy’s development, featuring Victor Emmanuel II whose reign spanned 1861-1878 and features on its obverse as depicted on this 20 lire gold coin.

The reverse of each Italian gold coin features the coat of arms for the Kingdom of Italy and contains one fifth of an ounce, or approximately.1867 troy ounces. While these coins do not meet the higher purity standard required by IRS IRA accounts, they still make for a good addition to any collection.


Gold coins remain an ideal way to diversify investments and retirement portfolios when purchased from reliable bullion dealers like Muthoot. Muthoot provides a safe and straightforward platform to buy gold coins online.

Gold coins with high purity levels should be the cornerstone of precious metals investments and speculation alike. Pure gold is typically measured in karats; 24 being the purest level. Most coins however are designated by millesimal fineness rather than karats as opposed to being directly measure.

The 20 lira coin first emerged in Italy in 1861, featuring the Savoia coat of arms and King Victor Emanuel II on one side and a wreath of leaves and stars on the reverse. While over time different designs may have been issued for these coins, their constant feature has always been their image of their reigning Emperor.


An Italian 20 Lira gold coin’s obverse side displays the coat of arms for the Kingdom of Italy in an easy-to-read depiction, including national seal, crown atop crossed shield and olive and oak branches adorning both.

The 20 lira coin first entered circulation in 1861, matching both in size and purity the French 20 franc coin. Over time it became part of Latin Monetary Union, pairing well with other circulating coins from different countries such as Swiss, German, and Belgian issues.

The 20 Lira Gold Coin featured Victor Emanuel II from 1861-1878, then his son Umberto I from 1878-1900. Additionally, each coin also bears the inscription ‘RE D’ITALIA L’ for Lire and its denominational value.


The obverse, or front side, of coins features the portrait of the reigning monarch who reigns at the time of minting; for 20 lira gold coins from Italy this includes either Umberto I or Victor Emmanuel II depending on which year of minting they were issued. On their reverse is displayed the coat of arms for Italy as an independent nation state.

Inscriptions on this coin include REPUBBLICA*ITALIANA and its mintmark in exergue. The coin’s edge features a pattern of dots to increase numismatic appeal. Anthony Paquet created its unique reverse in 1860 – which features tall letters with narrow rim and narrow margin. Only available for two years as issue, this collector item contains 1867 troy ounces of gold.

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