How Many Grams is a Gold Lira Coin?

How many grams is a gold lira coin

The Lira is the official currency of Italy. It comes in denominations from 1-20 lire and coins are minted from copper, aluminium bronze and stainless steel.

This coin features the coat of arms of Italy on its obverse while its reverse depicts Victor Emmanuel II as its first King from 1861-1878 – each holding immense historical, numismatic and bullion value.


Gold Lira coins have become one of the most beloved bullion coins among collectors and investors. Their rich history as coin commemorating Italy’s unification as kingdom and monarchy makes them particularly engaging world gold coins. While most people recognize Victor Emanuel’s face on it today, Umberto I first had his portrait appear on it back in 1966!

These coins make an excellent investment option for IRA accounts due to their low premiums and high purity levels. Their low risk profile provides investors with an affordable means of diversifying their portfolios with additional returns.

The 20 Lire Gold Coin from Italy is an ideal way to expand your fractional gold collection. Each coin contains.1867 Troy oz of pure gold and is issued with a face value of 20 lire from the Kingdom of Italy. On its obverse is displayed the reigning monarch from that date mark while on its reverse is displayed the coat of arms of Italy.


Turkey boasts an expansive precious metals mining industry and large covered market, giving it access to some of the lowest premium gold coins worldwide. Minted with both artistic and historic designs, these coins make for great collectible options.

The 20 lire coin was issued by Italy from 1861-1927 as vintage gold bullion coins and typically featured a portrait of either Victor Emanuel II or Umberto I on its obverse side, depending on which year of minting.

Gold half ounce coins contain approximately 5.81 grams, making them an excellent addition to retirement, investment or coin collection portfolios. Furthermore, these coins can provide investors with an opportunity to diversify their holdings with low premium gold bullion products.


Gold Lira Coins are fascinating pieces of numismatic history that make great investments or can even form the basis of collections. When purchasing such coins, however, it’s crucial to be informed as to their weight and purity in order to make an informed purchase decision. Furthermore, make sure you research the market thoroughly as well as familiarizing yourself with all available varieties of coins available to make a smart choice when making this important purchase decision.

These gold coins originate in Italy, a relatively young modern European nation which recently united as both kingdom and monarchy. Minted throughout Italy at various locations throughout the year of minting, their designs vary depending on where and when they were produced – some feature portraits of Victor Emmanuel II or Umberto I while others display the coat of arms for Kingdom of Italy. Similar in size and weight to French, Swiss and Belgian counterparts they offer an easy way to invest in gold at an affordable price point.


The gold lira is an extremely rare coin from Italy’s historical period, dating back nearly 600 years. Minted at multiple locations across Italy, these coins contain considerable intrinsic, numismatic and historical value that collectors and precious metal investors alike prize highly.

The 20-lira coin, also referred to as “Marenghi” or “marengo,” was first released for circulation in 1861 and features King Victor Emmanuel II’s portrait on its obverse, while its reverse features the coat of arms for Italy. These coins would make an excellent addition to any world gold collection.

A fractional gold coin called a Lira contains one fifth of an ounce, making it an effective way to invest without making a significant outlay of capital. They’re especially popular among Turks, as one of their country’s covered markets features one of the highest demand levels worldwide and these liras can often be seen there as well.

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