How to Invest in Gold in an IRA

Gold investments within an IRA provide diversification as well as protection against inflation. Possible gold IRA investments may include coins, bars and bullions.

Step one in investing gold with an IRA is creating a self-directed IRA. Contact an account representative at Monex today and start investing!


Investment of precious metals through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be tax-efficient. The IRS permits these accounts to hold both bullion bars and coins, giving investors their choice in forms. Once selected, investors can choose a trusted IRA company for funds transfer and physical possession of their investment; additionally they can take advantage of free home storage through self-directed IRA accounts; however the final tax efficiency depends on one’s income tax rates both now and at retirement time.

Gold IRA accounts can typically be funded using existing retirement fund accounts such as an IRA, 401(k), or other similar vehicles to avoid withdrawal penalties and manage it on behalf of investors. An IRA custodian will then purchase and store selected gold for investors through an auction process. Using cash can also fund an account; however this requires more paperwork and coordination with custodian to access funds which in turn increases operational expenses of an IRA account.


Self-directed IRAs differ from conventional IRA accounts in that they allow you to invest in precious metals like gold. To get started, choose an IRA company with an experienced trustee/custodian, provide them with your driver’s license number, details about other retirement accounts (if transferring funds from another IRA), and then send funds over.

Custodians who specialize in gold eligible for an IRA account can assist with managing paperwork related to transactions and reporting while meeting all IRS regulations. While some charge an opening fee for creating accounts, others simply charge storage fees if you opt for physical product option.

Gold makes an ideal addition to any investment portfolio due to its low risk and near zero correlation with stocks and bonds. However, it’s essential to balance your investing goals with other money goals like reducing high-interest debt so as to maximize retirement benefits while enjoying financial freedom in retirement.


An investment in physical gold or other precious metals incurs various fees that can quickly mount. These may include one-time account setup fees, seller markup on market price of metal, brokerage/storage fees, closing costs, insurance costs etc. There are other methods for investing in precious metals without owning actual physical metal, including investing in an ETF that tracks their value like Goldshares ETF or even gold mutual funds that track this market trend.

Charles Schwab, Fidelity or Vanguard-owned traditional IRAs will not allow you to invest in physical gold bullion directly; you must open a self-directed IRA with an organization that specializes in such investments instead. They’ll assist in setting up the account and selecting metals that suit you; experts suggest diversifying 10-15% of your retirement portfolio with precious metals while still leaving space in your portfolio for higher-return assets such as stocks.


Gold has long been prized as an investment asset. It presents low risk while offering long-term growth potential.

Gold investing may not be suitable for everyone; unlike stocks and bonds, precious metals do not trade freely on stock exchanges and must therefore be held in your portfolio over an extended period.

If you decide to invest in gold, it’s essential that you partner with an established investment firm with a proven track record. At Monex, we have over two decades of experience assisting investors with their precious metals IRA accounts and offer an impressive selection of quality bullion products approved for IRS-approved IRA accounts and exceptional customer service.

In order to open a gold IRA, it is necessary to select an IRA custodian and depository. These companies offer various services for opening your IRA – including one-time account setup fees, annual maintenance costs and storage and insurance costs associated with holding gold investments.

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