Is a Gold Backed IRA a Good Investment?

If you are considering adding a gold backed IRA to your retirement savings, make sure that an experienced financial advisor advises on it first. They have a legal duty to look out for your best financial interests.

Gold-backed IRA companies make money from charging what’s known as a spread, as well as storage fees to store your precious metals.


Gold and other precious metals may seem like safe haven investments during times of uncertainty, yet they do carry risks that make them unpredictable investments. Prices have seen dramatic fluctuations, often mirroring stock performance more closely. Furthermore, they’re costly to store, insulate and insure – possibly not making the cut when looking to diversify portfolios.

Gold-backed IRAs require working with various entities, including precious-metals dealers, custodians and depository banks – and fees can add up quickly as account maintenance, storage and insurance expenses can quickly add up. Because gold-backed IRA companies typically do not disclose their fee structure on their websites, finding out the exact amount will require some research.

Another potential drawback of gold-backed IRAs is having to fund them with pre-tax dollars, which may limit your options in the future. Therefore, it would be prudent to explore other retirement investments before selecting one such as gold-backed IRA.

Tax-free income

Gold IRAs provide an ideal investment option for anyone seeking to diversify their retirement savings portfolio, yet investors should do their research and consult a financial advisor before making their decision. Reputable companies that offer gold IRA services include Oxford Gold Group, Lear Capital, Noble Gold, Patriot Gold Club RC Bullion and Augusta Precious Metals.

As opposed to stocks and bonds, precious metals do not offer dividends and thus only produce returns when sold at a profit – meaning you need to hold onto them for long enough for this strategy to pay off. This makes their portfolio riskier.

Investment can be confusing and frustrating, which is why it is crucial to choose a reputable company with extensive industry experience and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Not only do the best gold IRA companies offer quality products; they also provide superior customer care.

Inflation hedge

Gold-backed IRAs present investors with an excellent way to diversify their retirement savings portfolio and hedge against inflation and economic uncertainties. Before investing, however, it’s crucial that thorough research be performed – including finding an established custodian/dealer and understanding all fees associated with this type of investment.

Investment in precious metals is one way to protect against inflation, though you should limit this asset class to no more than 5-10% of your total portfolio. Furthermore, investors should avoid gold-backed mutual funds and ETFs as these may be more volatile than physical metals.

Investment in a gold-backed IRA may not be as straightforward as opening a traditional pre-tax or Roth IRA, due to IRS definition of an “Precious Metal” or “Gold” IRA account being unclear and therefore companies advertising these accounts potentially misrepresenting the rules; additionally any withdrawals will likely incur income tax liability upon withdrawal.

Tax-free withdrawals

Purchase of physical gold through an IRA can be an excellent way to diversify your retirement portfolio, yet like any investment it has its drawbacks. Gold IRAs must adhere to all the same rules as traditional pre-tax IRAs, Roth IRAs and Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRAs – such as being stored at an IRS-approved depository – while companies offering precious metals for IRAs often charge high fees for such accounts.

To avoid additional fees, look for companies with transparent pricing and excellent customer service, offering impartial education without high-pressure sales tactics. Furthermore, gold’s value fluctuates over time so it is wise to do your research first before investing any of your funds – take note of any storage and annual maintenance fees as well! For maximum savings and safety invest with self-directed IRAs that allow you to manage assets directly for maximum savings potential and peace of mind.

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