Is Gold a Better Investment Than the Stock Market?

Is gold a better investment than the stock market

Gold can be an attractive investment option during times of economic instability. Due to its low correlation with stocks and bonds, gold provides stability when other investments decline while providing protection against inflation.

Stocks have consistently outshone gold since 1980 in terms of long-term returns. While adding gold can reduce risk in your portfolio, stocks offer the better long-term prospects.

It’s a tangible asset

Gold can serve both as an effective store of value and as a hedge against inflation. Unlike stocks which can fluctuate dramatically on an everyday basis, gold provides a safer investment option during times of economic instability.

Gold investing doesn’t require special skills or training; investors can buy and sell physical gold coins and bars whenever it suits them, which offers considerable liquidity compared with investing in stocks or other assets that don’t pay dividends. Additionally, this form of investing offers faster returns than investing in stocks with no dividend payout.

Attributing whether gold is an investment worth your consideration requires understanding your personal financial goals and overall investing strategy. Working with an advisor to make this determination is the cornerstone of investing success; SmartAsset’s free tool connects you to qualified advisors in your area so that you can start growing your portfolio with confidence.

It’s a hedge against inflation

Gold has long been considered an inflation hedge, yet its track record in this respect has been mixed. Since 1980, it has underperformed inflation while also outshone stocks, real estate, and commodities as an investment option.

Gold may not be an inherently bad investment, but its subperformance suggests it isn’t an efficient inflation hedge. Investors who wish to safeguard against inflation should explore other investments such as Treasury inflation-protected securities, real estate investment trusts and commodities as possible replacements.

To gain more knowledge on how to diversify your portfolio, speak with a financial advisor. SmartAsset’s free tool connects you with advisors in your area who can offer invaluable insight and guidance – get started now!

It’s a safe investment

Gold has historically provided investors with a safe haven during times of great uncertainty, such as the Great Depression or 2008 financial crisis. Indeed, during such times its price increased and proved an effective hedge against inflation; although in recent years when global inflation reached record high levels gold prices declined.

Ultimately, whether or not gold or stocks is right for you depends on your priorities and risk tolerance. If you need help getting started, consult a qualified financial advisor; SmartAsset offers free tools that match you up with three local advisors so that you can interview each one without cost to find one who suits your needs best. Get going now.

It’s a good diversifier

Gold can provide your portfolio with much-needed diversification because it’s uncorrelated to stocks and bonds, maintaining its value over long time periods and helping protect it during times of economic or political unrest.

Gold can serve as an effective shield against inflation. Gold prices typically increase during periods of rising inflation and it often provides safer returns than stocks or bonds. Furthermore, its increased value can act as an insurance against currency devaluation.

Though many investors use gold as an investment diversifier in their portfolios, some financial pundits lament its lack of return. This is because gold does not produce income such as interest, dividends or rent payments compared to stocks which represent ownership in companies and can produce income through business growth, profit sharing or rights splits.

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