Is it Better to Buy 1 Oz Gold Bar Or Coin?

Is it better to buy 1 oz gold bar or coin

1 oz gold bars are among the most sought-after bullion products on the market and can be easily obtained from numerous mints and refineries.

These bars typically come equipped with an assay card that serves two functions: it protects it from being altered and serves as proof of its authenticity.


Gold bars tend to sell for lower premiums than coins of equal troy ounce, making them an economical way of owning precious metals. Their compact size also makes them easier to store – 50 one-ounce gold bars can fit easily in your desk drawer while it would be impossible to keep that many coins around your home.

Credit Suisse, Asahi and PAMP Suisse are among the world’s premier refineries that produce 1 oz gold bars of exceptional quality – offering investors and collectors alike an opportunity to acquire and own high-grade precious metals.

These bars are also an excellent way to diversify one’s portfolio by adding physical variety to their holdings, giving investors and collectors alike access to unique collectibles they will treasure over time.


One of the key reasons people opt for 1 oz gold bars is because they tend to be more cost-effective than coin options, making it simpler and easier for beginners to begin building physical precious metal collections, or experienced investors looking to add to existing holdings.

Gold bullion bars are typically produced by trusted mints, giving you confidence in the quality and purity of your investment. This factor is often an integral one when purchasing bullion to safeguard one’s financial wellbeing.

One advantage of investing in a 1 oz gold bar is its convenient storage capabilities. Small enough to fit easily in any pocket or bag, and stackable for secure storing – many bars come complete with assay cards that provide verification of its content, weight and authenticity – making selling it much simpler in future years should that become necessary.


Gold bars are highly liquid, making them an excellent option for beginners looking to quickly buy or sell gold bullion. Plus, their purchase cost is significantly less than coins!

Gold bars are also an attractive investment choice for newcomers as their small size makes them easier to carry and store without requiring a large space in which to house it.

Gold bars’ small size makes them easy to stack and store, an important consideration for long-term gold investors as coins can become difficult to manage as your collection expands. However, this convenience comes at the cost of protecting it with protective cases to avoid scratches or dents that might appear over time.


Investors appreciate the beauty and tactile satisfaction of holding onto a 1 oz gold bar as it serves as a physical reminder of wealth preservation and the intrinsic value of gold.

Bars offer several distinct advantages over coins as investments: lower premiums make them accessible for a wider range of investors and make investing possible for more people.

1 oz gold bars are convenient investments that are easily portable and stored, which makes them the ideal solution for investors who place great importance on portability and convenience when investing in precious metals.

Buy random 1 oz gold bars on the secondary market is an effective way to add 24k bullion to your portfolio while remaining within budget. These resold bars come complete with assay cards listing their weight, purity and authentication details and make an ideal option for UK investors looking to create an investment foundation of pure 24k bullion without breaking their budget.

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