Is it Better to Buy 1 Oz Gold Bar Or Coin?

Gold bars are an iconic form of precious metal investment. Their simplicity and straightforward nature means they typically carry lower premiums than coins.

Stamps provide tangible wealth and protect investments against inflation to maintain purchasing power.

Kitco offers 1 oz gold bars from top refiners such as Johnson Matthey, Argor Heraeus, and PAMP Suisse. Each one is handcrafted using pure gold (.9999 fine).


Gold bars offer an efficient way to expand your precious metals collection. As they’re more compact than coins and offer reduced premiums, they provide excellent value for the money spent.

Gold bars often boast attractive designs, making them the ideal choice for collectors looking to build an interesting portfolio. Designs may take inspiration from iconic symbols or historical landmarks as well as from a mint’s logo or name – giving collectors even more ways to customize their investment!

Nowadays, nearly all one oz gold bars sold to investors are made from 99.99% pure gold – offering high-quality investments that meet industry standards. Most come in tamper-evident packaging with an assay card to display purity, origin and authenticity – giving investors extra peace of mind without needing to invest in costly cases to store and protect their investments.


Gold bars are made of investment grade metal that boast a hallmark and serial number, making them an attractive asset that investors can use to diversify their portfolio with tangible wealth that is widely recognized and historically stored as safe value.

Some 1 oz gold bar manufacturers provide designs unique to their brand, adding aesthetic value and personalization to the investment experience. Such designs may feature iconic symbols, landmarks or commemorative designs for added touch.

1 ounce gold bars offer attractive investment-grade pieces at significantly cheaper premiums than coins, making them easy to store and transport – especially minimalist ones with sealed packaging that prevents tampering or damage during shipping. Furthermore, their cost-effective nature makes them a suitable addition to any precious metals collection or portfolio.


Collectors have plenty of choices when selecting 1 oz gold bars from mints around the world for their portfolios, each boasting its own design, history, technology and physical texture that enhances investment experiences.

Valcambi Suisse’s 1 oz gold bars stand out with an eye-catching design featuring their stylized mint name against an eye-catching 99.9999 gold background on one side and information such as weight, fineness, material type and material content on the reverse.

Gold bars are an ideal investment choice for investors seeking to diversify their portfolio with various forms of bullion products, due to their small size and portability. You can easily store these smaller bars either at home or within a bank’s safety deposit box; additionally, their liquid nature enables quick sale at competitive market rates.


Attracting both experienced collectors and novice investors alike, 1 oz gold bars make an excellent addition to your precious metal portfolio. As these small bullion ingots provide cost-effective means of purchasing gold without paying the higher premiums associated with coins, 1 oz bars are an economical way to purchase this precious metal.

Due to their small size and high liquidity, one-ounce gold bars are easy to store and transport. Furthermore, many refineries prioritize producing these gold bars due to their popularity among investors, making it easy for you to quickly locate prospective buyers when it’s time to liquidate your assets.

Gold bars typically display their weight, fineness and mint mark stamp for verification of authenticity, along with their distinct weight and sheen to represent wealth preservation and quality workmanship. Gold bars uphold the high standards synonymous with the Royal Mint’s legacy in upholding quality craftsmanship standards.

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