Is it Better to Buy 1 Oz Gold Bar Or Coin?

Is it better to buy 1 oz gold bar or coin

If you’re thinking about investing in gold bullion, there are various options available to you. Many investors prefer purchasing 1-ounce gold bars for easy resale and storage purposes.

However, for maximum flexibility when making investments, consider purchasing coins. They’re easier to sell off quickly and often come with lower premiums than gold bars.


1 ounce gold bars offer new investors an easy and efficient way to diversify their precious metals portfolio quickly and efficiently. Conveniently stackable with coins of equivalent weight, 1 ounce bars take up less space in storage.

Numerous mints produce bullion bars of this popular weight, each stamped with its exact weight, purity and serial number. You may notice that two identically sized gold bars from different companies may have slightly varying prices.

One of the main advantages of investing in gold bars is their relatively lower premium than coins, making them an excellent way to maximize return for every investment dollar spent.


Gold bars of 1 ounce size are much easier to liquidate than coins, making them the superior investment option if you intend on selling gold in the short-term. They can be sold one at a time over time while larger or fractional bars may need to be sold all at once.

Gold bars are also much easier to store than coins; in contrast, coins often require careful packaging in order to protect from scratches or scuffs, while gold bars can easily be kept safe inside a storage container or your own home.

All the gold bullion bars that we sell are LBMA approved and come complete with an assay card from their refiner, guaranteeing its authenticity and allowing you to verify its weight and purity. It is crucial that investors pay attention to this feature to avoid fraud or deception.


Gold bars often carry lower premiums than coins, making them an excellent value-minded investor option. You can safely store these bars either at home or in a secure storage facility until it comes time to liquidate your investment and liquidate its value.

1 oz gold bars often come encased in plastic and feature an assay card to attest to their content, purity, and unique serial number – an invaluable feature for those without much storage space in their homes for precious metals.

One ounce gold bars are produced by several renowned mints, such as the Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint and Sunshine Mint. Each mint offers a range of products designed to suit individual preferences and needs; furthermore many mints are accredited with both LBMA and COMEX to give you peace of mind that your gold was ethically sourced without conflict.


Gold coins offer many benefits for investors, such as potential exemption from capital gains tax (CGT). But investors should double check with their seller to make sure they’re purchasing CGT-free coins.

Gold bars offer more affordable investment returns due to lower production costs. Therefore, they can often be purchased at significant discounts, providing maximum investment returns.

However, some dealers may charge additional storage and insurance fees when selling gold bars; therefore it’s essential to research reliable bullion dealers and investigate their charges prior to making purchases. A single ounce gold bar costs as little as PS1, while larger kilogram units can also be bought – perfect for new investors looking to maximize their initial investments while more flexible purchases might prefer gold coins as an alternative investment vehicle.

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