Is it Better to Buy Coins Or Bullion Bars?

When it comes to investing in precious metals, the options are plentiful – among them are gold bars and coins.

Which choice you select depends on your investment goals. In this article we’ll compare and contrast their advantages and disadvantages so you can make an informed decision. We will consider factors like legal tender status, security features, liquidity issues and numismatic value when making our selection.

Legal Tender

Bullion coins are an excellent investment choice for investors or collectors looking to diversify their holdings or begin collecting. Each coin features face value, year, purity and weight information as well as intricate designs which attract collectors. Furthermore, some gold and silver collectible coins even qualify as legal tender and can be used directly against goods or services purchases.

However, most bullion coins will only gain value beyond their metal content due to numismatic appeal and rarity, and are therefore likely to command higher premiums than bars featuring comparable designs and specifications.

If you want the most cost-effective method of investing in gold, 1 kg gold bars could be a smart way to do so. They typically draw lower premium percentages due to lower manufacturing costs and offer flexibility of selling parts of them later if necessary.

Security Features

Gold bars offer investors an ideal way to diversify their portfolio with different bullion products. Choose from designs ranging from 1g up to 400oz and secure your investment through The Royal Mint’s state-of-the-art storage facility The Vault.

Many of our bars feature tamper-proof seals and packaging, making them more secure for storage than coins. Furthermore, their simplified purchasing process requires less validation compared to coins; you can easily verify authenticity with product codes or apps such as Scanbar.

Since there is no single answer to the question of whether bullion coins or bars is best, conducting your own research can be the key to making an informed decision that fits with your unique circumstances and needs. When making this choice, key factors to keep in mind include your investment value, product premiums and how you plan to realize them later on.


Gold bullion bars typically offer lower premiums per troy ounce or gram than coins, since they’re not considered legal tender and their manufacturing cost is lower. Therefore, they’re an excellent way to invest in gold at an economical price, provided you select an LBMA approved gold bar such as Tavex’s 1kg Argor-Heraeus Kinebars as your investment partner.

But for buyers seeking an investment with more collectable potential that could add value to their bullion portfolio, coins may be preferable. They offer collectors more to collect thanks to low mintage numbers, making them more appealing than bullion as an asset that they can handle more easily; additionally, coins offer tangible assets they can touch and inspect in person which some investors appreciate.


Bullion coins offer more than their metal content to collectors; many also feature intricate designs or historical significance that enhance their value to them. This additional value could even add to its premium.

Bars tend to be simpler in appearance and typically contain only a manufacturer’s stamp and serial number. They can either be minting from large sheets of gold, or cast into bar shapes by pouring molten gold into them – either way they typically offer lower premium per gram than coins.

Before making a final decision about purchasing gold coins or bars, investors must carefully consider all available options before selecting either option. Various factors must be taken into consideration, including desired investment outcomes, transaction costs and storage requirements; precious metal investments offer great ways to diversify portfolios and protect wealth against economic volatility; for more information contact a reliable bullion dealer now!

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